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We’re with you every step of the way

We don’t just give you a password, a few hours of training and wish you luck. Our approach to delivering the best possible attribution solution for our clients is the Visual IQ Way: Big data marketing attribution, big performance insight, big customer service. Even before your engagement starts, we introduce you to your team of experienced attribution experts, who work with you to:

  1. Make sure you know how our products work.
  2. Recognize the insights they deliver.
  3. Understand the recommendations they provide.
  4. Ensure that you meet your business goals.

We provide training that matches the way you work

Your Visual IQ account team is dedicated to understanding your business and calibrating our products to your exact needs. When we set up your attribution solution, we configure the view of your marketing performance to match your existing process. You receive training and analytical support that helps you get the data you need, so you can make the most informed optimization decisions possible. We aim to make sure that our marketing attribution solution is fully implemented, and fully embraced by everyone within your organization.

Our products mirror your business

Whether you work for a brand or an agency, you know as well as we do that with all the changes in the media landscape, marketing really has gotten harder. Our IQ Intelligence Suite provides the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of your marketing organization. During the set-up process, your account team uses the products’ inherent configuration capabilities to map what you see in the interface to your unique business requirements, including:

  • Business goals, key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting needs
  • Language, taxonomy and naming conventions
  • Groupings such as business units and product lines
  • Business rules and formulas such as lifetime value

Your Visual IQ account team will tailor our attribution solution to support your long-term business strategy as well as your short-term needs. We accommodate whatever needs you have, including the way in which you market your business — from product line to sales territories. Our products maintain those delineations and display performance analysis and optimization recommendations based on those parameters to maintain consistency within your business.

Our process makes it painless

Like it or not, much of your success stems from the accuracy of your data. Visual IQ provides industrial-strength data management that transforms the raw information of “big data” into marketing knowledge you can actually apply.

Visual IQ’s team uses a proven discovery process and configuration methodology to make marketing data management as painless as possible. They ensure that our products deliver quick, accurate, easily understood insights and actionable recommendations. And because our team works every day with data from dozens of different sources — from search engines and bid management tools, to DSPs, DMPs, ad servers and many more — we are intimately familiar with the formats and idiosyncrasies of all the most common providers of your data. Using streamlined data management templates and automated data bridges and API feeds between Visual IQ and over 50 of the industry’s most common sources of marketing performance data, our software and client service team excel at streamlining your data collection, consolidation and normalization efforts.

And once you see the insights obtained from your initial implementation, you can add more channels, more sources of data, and more complex configurations to support your growing business.

We're an extension of your team

Our team isn’t just “software support.” It is a true extension of your marketing organization, as well as your agency and platform partners, that work with your week after week, month after month to make sure your attribution initiatives succeed.

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