Advanced Attribution

At Visual IQ, we’ve truly defined “advanced attribution”

Visual IQ’s marketing attribution solutions deliver value beyond measurement

Because there are so many marketing measurement tools available, it's easy to become confused about what differentiates an "advanced" marketing attribution solution from other options.

At Visual IQ, we’ve truly defined “advanced attribution.” Yes, our platform delivers impeccably accurate measurement. But we offer so much more: We provide "what if?" scenario planning functionality, so you can test various combinations of channels and tactics before producing an optimized media plan. We also give you the ability to activate those recommendations in near real-time by automatically sending attribution-informed metrics to the media buying platforms you already use.

What is advanced marketing attribution?

Marketing attribution is the art and science of calculating how different channels, campaigns and tactics ultimately lead to a conversion or brand engagement. It tracks all the touchpoints to which a prospect was exposed and assigns credit based on their proportionate impact. The problem? Different attribution models assign credit to each touchpoint differently, some with more accuracy than others.

Our approach

At Visual IQ, our advanced marketing attribution solution provides the utmost accuracy. Our multi-dimensional, algorithmic modeling approach uses your full dataset to scientifically calculate and then fractionally assign credit to every touchpoint and attribute (ad size, placement, publisher, creative, offer, etc.) experienced by every person who converts or engages with your brand — as well as everyone who doesn’t.

Marketers gain an in-depth understanding of how each touchpoint and attribute changes the likelihood of a consumer to take a desired action, so you can make more informed and impactful optimization decisions, down to the most granular levels.

Unlike other marketing attribution vendors, we believe a successful optimization strategy requires more than just holistic measurement. It should also include the ability to understand performance by audience segment, create optimized media plans, and instantly turn insights into actions. That’s why our platform consists of three core capabilities: measurement, advanced measurement and optimization.

Advanced measurement

In addition to our standard “Measurement” capabilities that uncover both intra-channel and inter-channel insights, we also offer “Advanced Measurement” features that can be added to your configuration depending on your media strategy and the complexity of your marketing portfolio. These add-on capabilities include:

  • Cross-Device Attribution: Our advanced marketing attribution platform uses a deterministic and probabilistic approach so you can get a credible sense of which devices best transmit your message. The platform de-duplicates unique users who are exposed to your marketing touchpoints across multiple devices, and it applies our TrueAttribution process. The enriched TrueMetrics it produces enable you to more effectively optimize your media spend across smartphones, desktops, tablets and more.
  • Audience Attribution: Our platform helps you understand which tactics are most effective for each type of audience. It gives you the ability to ingest first- and third-party audience data (including lifetime value projections, new vs. repeat consumers, demographic and behavioral data, etc.), so you can uncover previously unidentified, high-value audience segments, and automatically target them with the combination of media and tactics that produce the best return.
  • Brand & TV Attribution: For brands that have brand-focused media in market, our platform features the ability to measure and optimize the impact of mid- and upper-funnel branding tactics — including TV advertising — against various digital brand engagement KPIs, such as first-time website visits, video completions, rich media ad interactions and more.
  • Top-Down Attribution: We use historical data to provide channel-level performance insights and media spend recommendations across online and offline channels. Used in tandem with our bottom-up capabilities — or with your existing marketing mix modeling (MMM) analysis — you can make a broad array of macro- and micro-level optimization decisions that boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire marketing portfolio.


Our “Measurement” capabilities include collecting, consolidating and de-duplicating 100% of your disparate marketing data to create a single view of each user journey, and applying our patented TrueAttribution process to calculate how much credit all of your in-market media earned in producing a desired outcome.

The output is a complete set of attributed TrueMetrics that reveal the actual value of every touchpoint across all media dimensions, so you can readily identify opportunities for optimization both within and across channels. Displayed in an intuitive, interactive interface, these TrueMetrics reflect your organization’s unique structure and taxonomy. They also feature an extended look-back period, can be refreshed as often as daily, and are statistically validated each time the data is updated.

What’s more, you can easily adjust cost data on the fly, right from the interface. There’s no delay, so you know you always have the most accurate, up-to-date information upon which to base your optimization decisions.


Our "Optimization" capabilities enable you to apply the same TrueMetrics used for measurement and advanced measurement to create an optimized media plan. By taking advantage of the platform’s “what if?” scenario planning functionality, you can explore the virtual performance of your future investments before making it real. For maximum returns, you can reallocate your media spend within and across channels with a high degree of accuracy.

Once you’ve identified your optimal media plan, you can then leverage our out-of-the box integrations to instantly activate your optimization strategy. Using an automated feed, you can send your attributed data to the demand-side platforms (DSPs), real-time bidding engines, and other buying platforms you already use for near real-time optimization.

The power of three

At Visual IQ, our advanced marketing attribution solution is so precise and accurate you can feel confident that you know what’s happening with your brand, from the big picture down to details. When you are empowered with metrics you can trust, an optimized media plan, and media buying that’s activated with a simple mouse click, you redefine marketing success.

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