Your Challenges

Visual IQ solves your cross channel marketing measurement and optimization challenges

Visual IQ helps you overcome your marketing optimization challenges

We understand the marketing measurement and optimization challenges you face every day. Without the proper technology, the process of managing your marketing performance data is needlessly complex. Visual IQ takes the weight off your shoulders.


  • Data Collection
  • Attributed Metrics
  • Cross-Channel Insights
  • Intra-Channel Insights

Advanced Measurement

  • Audience
  • Top Down
  • Cross Device
  • Brand


  • Scenario Planning
  • RTB Integrations

Let’s take a look at five common measurement and marketing optimization problems, and how we can help you overcome each one.


"I’m inundated with data from multiple sources"

How do you handle evaluating data coming from marketing sources and devices that seem to multiply by the day? You need a sophisticated way to collect, analyze and act upon all that information. Visual IQ transforms the chaos into clarity.


"I need metrics I can trust"

Conversions, clicks, reach and GRPs… it seems like every media channel has its own metric for success. Visual IQ’s TrueAttribution® process recalculates all that channel goodness into a single currency for standardized measurement across your marketing organization. Moving from disorder to order, you wind up with a picture of performance that’s cohesive and credible.


"My data lacks transparency"

When you rely on others to execute your media buys, you’re bound to lose some degree of visibility. How can you know what data and insights they’re using to justify those investments? Visual IQ uses the power of machine learning to clarify how channels perform, providing you with an independent, comprehensive and transparent approach for measuring and optimizing your cross channel performance.


"I need information automatically"

If you’re still processing all your data manually, you’re doing too much unnecessary heavy lifting. Visual IQ takes care of the tasks of collecting, normalizing, formatting and integrating your marketing data. We make sure it’s accurate and actionable. With the technical horsepower of Visual IQ, you get beautiful, accessible and automatically generated performance insights and marketing optimization recommendations, so you can focus on results.


"I need an optimal marketing mix"

If a sub-optimal mix is your primary challenge, you’ll appreciate the way Visual IQ presents data. Our platform uses both top-down and bottom-up attribution modeling techniques. By combining techniques, you get a strategic and granular level perspective of how all of your channels and tactics are working together, as well as how to optimize the combined effect of your online and offline efforts.

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