Flawed Metrics

Do you need accurate and actionable cross channel metrics?

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To make the smartest cross channel marketing decisions, you need credible metrics and visibility. Inaccurate last-click metrics and unreliable branding metrics are no longer enough. From the big picture all the way down to the granular details of every campaign, you need to see how every channel and tactic influences each other, and drives the success of your entire marketing ecosystem.

If that sounds like a lot to ask, it’s not. Today’s marketers deserve tools at their disposal that break down data silos and make informed spending decisions easier. We know you need the aerial view as well as the intelligence on what’s happening in the trenches — across any given combination of tactics.

Visual IQ is your catalyst toward lasting success. With the world’s most powerful and accurate cross channel marketing attribution management software at your disposal, you’re more effective than ever. Whether you’re running direct response campaigns, branding campaigns, or a combination of both, our products deliver marketing performance insights and analysis that give you unparalleled accuracy so you can move forward in your media-buying and optimization decisions with confidence.


  • Data Collection
  • Attributed Metrics
  • Cross-Channel Insights
  • Intra-Channel Insights

Advanced Measurement

  • Audience
  • Top Down
  • Cross Device
  • Brand


  • Scenario Planning
  • RTB Integrations

Powerful science for marketing attribution management

Marketing teams need tools that can track today’s ever-shifting media landscape, while shining a laser-like focus on which branding and direct response efforts truly show returns. Our TrueAttribution® process uses the industry’s most accurate marketing data analysis for identifying the extent to which every marketing touchpoint contributes to every one of your key performance indicators (KPIs). The result: more accurate TrueMetrics insights upon which you can base your inter- and intra-channel optimizations.

Direct response metrics that translate across channels

With the TrueMetrics produced by Visual IQ’s advanced attribution management software, the diamonds buried in your rough direct response data shine through. You get immediate answers to hundreds of questions such as:

  • How much lift does each of my different online display combinations (ad size, creative, publisher, placement, offer, etc.) provide to each keyword and search engine combination?
  • What is the monetary impact of my online campaigns and my offline efforts and vice versa?
  • Where should I increase or decrease my media spend across all of my channels?
  • Where should I set my frequency caps for my online display ads?

Branding metrics that provide a better way to keep score

Every branding channel you manage has its own metrics for measuring success. “Reach” can be a proxy for awareness, “lift” metrics can qualify consideration and intent, “brand engagement” metrics can assess customer interactions — the list goes on and on. To gain actionable insights and make educated decisions about your media spend, and to make sense of it all, you need a common currency.

Visual IQ helps you build a better brand scorecard with TrueEngagement Score. We start with the individual activities that show how people engage with your brand — from rich media interactions and video views, to content downloads, form completes and more. We then apply TrueAttribution to calculate a single engagement score metric that makes it easy for you to identify the top media performers based on their ability to drive brand engagement. It’s our way of helping you assess daily brand campaign performance and push optimizations to market quickly — without having to wait weeks or months to base decisions on survey results, or some other directional asset.

How TV contributes to digital brand engagement

TV still accounting for a significant portion of your branding budget? Visual IQ’s TV Attribution solution helps you see which parts of your TV advertising are effective at driving digital responses at a granular level, such as program, daypart and region, so you can optimize your TV buys. Within weeks after spot airing, our advanced attribution platform shows how your TV advertising investment is impacting online brand engagement.

Marketing silos, gone for good

Silos are for storing grain, not data. With today’s marketing landscape in constant flux, you need to envision your marketing ecosystem in a holistic, interconnected way. It's time to free your data from silos, and let a holistic set of cross channel metrics inform your next steps.

By using Visual IQ’s advanced attribution management software products, you can finally see, clearly and easily, how each of your direct response and branding tactics work together to drive your overall marketing success.

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