Disparate Data and Devices

Do you have trouble integrating all of your data sources?

Regain control over data chaos

As a marketer, you’re probably feeling the pain of wrangling data from multiple sources: search engines and bid management tools, ad networks and ad servers, analytics platforms and more — not to mention a seemingly infinite variety of device types. Your marketing generates data across so many channels, it can feel impossible to master.

Press pause for a second. Imagine having a tool that collects, normalizes, formats and produces actionable data for you. Software that allows you to clearly and easily view, report on, analyze and predict your overall marketing performance.


  • Data Collection
  • Attributed Metrics
  • Cross-Channel Insights
  • Intra-Channel Insights

Advanced Measurement

  • Audience
  • Top Down
  • Cross Device
  • Brand


  • Scenario Planning
  • RTB Integrations

Integrated marketing data

We provide you with a few standard questionnaires, have you point us to your data sources, and we take care of the rest. We produce integrated marketing data for you from dozens of disparate data sources, using automated bridges and connections we’ve established with more than 50 of the industry’s most common API feeds. We also collect data from the devices people use to connect with your brand, including PC, tablet, mobile and more.

This all happens seamlessly using our own collection methodology, or through any number of our partners’ technology. We pull together stimulation and response data from multiple touchpoints, run it through our patented attribution modeling process, and then assemble it so you can make better business decisions based on actionable insight.

No data is out of bounds

Our marketing attribution software harnesses and corrals your data so it’s easy to manage, track, analyze and optimize your marketing. Data sources include:

  • Search engines and bid management tools
  • Ad networks
  • Ad servers
  • Demand-side platforms (DSPs)
  • Data management platforms (DMPs)
  • Web analytics platforms
  • CRM system/customer databases
  • Call center applications
  • Email campaign tools
  • In-store point-of-sales systems
  • And many more...

Learn more about how Visual IQ products can help make your data elegant, simple and ready for you to use.

See how we turn your disparate data into actionable insight.