Sub-Optimal Mix

Is your marketing mix not optimal?

Maximize effectiveness across your entire portfolio

In this age where consumers move across channels and screens at light-speed, the shape and composition of your marketing mix is more critical than ever. If your measurement and optimization is based on a traditional media mix modeling (MMM) approach, there are several important challenges to consider:

  1. It’s static. The output typically provides a single snapshot in time.
  2. It’s slow. As in, many months to deliver.
  3. It’s rigid. The information comes in a PowerPoint presentation.
  4. It’s superficial. The report rarely surpasses recommendations of how to allocate your budget among channels.

Too many marketing teams settle for “good enough.” Enough of that. At Visual IQ, we believe you deserve insights, reporting and recommendations that are dynamic, timely and offer the flexibility and right level of depth to define your optimal marketing mix.


  • Data Collection
  • Attributed Metrics
  • Cross-Channel Insights
  • Intra-Channel Insights

Advanced Measurement

  • Audience
  • Top Down
  • Cross Device
  • Brand


  • Scenario Planning
  • RTB Integrations

Three ways Visual IQ elevates the process of optimization

Visual IQ gives you:

  • Interactive reporting
  • Channel and granular-level performance insights
  • Data that’s refreshed at the speed you determine

And we make it incredibly easy for you to view and analyze performance.

Make every bit of your data count

Our products generate insights and recommendations from various perspectives and a configurable level of depth. You’ll see performance at the channel level, and you’ll be able to drill all the way down to the details. Whether you’re looking at placement, creative, size, keywords or other granular-level performance metrics, you’ll have the specifics you need to make impactful optimization decisions. Best of all, you’re in control of how you fine-tune the view, and how often you want your metrics refreshed — whether that’s monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or every day.

See from the channel to the granular

Visual IQ uses a combination of top-down and bottom-up attribution modeling techniques to define your optimal marketing mix.

  • Top-down attribution techniques are used to analyze and predict performance for data sources/channels where user-level data isn’t available.
  • Bottom-up modeling techniques are used for sources where user-level data (such as cookie data) is available.

By combining techniques, our products identify influences and interactions between your channels and tactics, and how a change made to one or more of the tactics will impact the performance of all the others.

Choose the marketing attribution solution that gives you flexibility

Relying on static PowerPoint decks forces you to view the world through a single, narrowly defined lens. Visual IQ puts you in control. You view your results through a powerful, interactive user interface that allows you to slice and dice the data in an unlimited number of ways. You’re able to customize the metrics according to your preferences.

See how our TrueAttribution® process gets to the core of your optimal marketing mix.

Visual IQ provides the industry’s most precise analytics, and recommends ways to reach the right audience at the right time on the right channel.

Learn how our products help you identify the optimal marketing mix, and then make it incredibly easy to execute.