Lack of Transparency

Does your marketing performance optimization process lack transparency?

Reclaim your optimization process

When others execute your media buying and optimization tactics, you’re bound to lose some degree of visibility. You have a limited view into how those resources analyze data and what insights they use to justify investments.


  • Data Collection
  • Attributed Metrics
  • Cross-Channel Insights
  • Intra-Channel Insights

Advanced Measurement

  • Audience
  • Top Down
  • Cross Device
  • Brand


  • Scenario Planning
  • RTB Integrations

The hidden inefficiency of outsourcing your media buying

Most media buying resources offer their own analytics, but typically leave you with siloed performance data. Whether you're working with an agency or its trading desk, or directly with demand-side platforms (DSPs) and real-time bidding platforms (RTBs), you face some core problems:

  • The scope is typically limited to the media they manage.
  • The analysis is based on a last-click or rules-based measurement approach.
  • The organization may also sell media, so there may be a conflict of interest.

Too many marketing teams settle for this approach, leaving them with disconnected measurement, duplicate conversion data and little or no insight into the influences and synergies between channels.

Our process is unique

Visual IQ is the only advanced attribution provider offering an independent, comprehensive and transparent approach for cross channel marketing performance optimization.

Independent, transparent analysis

All of your marketing investments are a potential waste if you don’t have data and marketing performance optimization insights you can trust. We’re independently owned, so our data analysis comes with no ulterior motive, no bias.

Our media-agnostic platform consolidates all of your disparate marketing data (online, offline and across devices). It then applies an objective, rigorous algorithmic model to calculate how much credit each of your media channels and tactics earned in contributing to your success.

Metrics with integrity

The result is a complete, unbiased set of attributed metrics that provide you and your media-buying partners with a single source of de-duplicated truth. You see what works, what doesn’t, and which strategies and tactics work best together. This true picture of your marketing portfolio helps you make informed media allocation and optimization decisions with confidence.

Weight at the negotiating table

Credible performance insights also give you leverage. When you have a clear picture of which media buying partners are truly adding value, you and your agency gain the “clout” needed to negotiate the best possible rates for your business.

Eliminate the potential of bias in your channel analysis. Discover how we help optimize your marketing decisions and focus on our only agenda…your performance.

You deserve a partner who gives you a true, objective view of your media mix.