Marketing Data Management & Integration to Inform Your Optimization

Like it or not, much of your or your clients’ success is driven by the quality and accuracy of the data that you use each day to base your marketing decisions. Since marketing data management is often frustrating, and can be one of the challenges you face, Visual IQ provides industrial strength marketing data management.


Process Driven By Marketing Channel Experts

Visual IQ expertly collects, cleans, normalizes, formats and seamlessly integrates your marketing performance data for you. Our streamlined data management templates have been developed and refined throughout our history of working with the complex data requirements of many of the world’s largest brands and leading agencies. Our configuration methodology uses a proven discovery process and the marketing channel expertise of the Visual IQ software support staff to make marketing data management as painless as possible.

With automated data bridges and API feeds established between Visual IQ and over 50 of the industry’s most common sources of marketing performance data, we take ownership for the cleansing and hygiene of your data, building and implementing the specific business rules required to use your data effectively, and delivering it in the language, taxonomy and business specific categories you already use.

Just Point Us to Your Data

Because our highly experienced marketing data management and integration experts work every day with data from dozens of different sources, we are intimately familiar with the formats and idiosyncrasies of all of the most common providers of your data, including:

  • Search Engines
  • Bid Management Tools
  • DSPs
  • DMPs
  • Campaign Management Platforms
  • Data Analytics Platforms
  • Ad Networks
  • Ad Servers
  • Email Campaign Tools
  • CRM System/Customer Database
  • Post Conversion /Accounting Systems
  • In-Store POS Systems
  • Call Center Applications
  • Media Plans
  • GRP & Circulation Reports
  • Many More…

Learn about the marketing dashboard provided by IQ Insight.