Audience IQ feeds your media performance data, along with demographic and behavioral data about your audience, into our TrueAttribution process.  It then calculates a set of TrueMetrics for each audience segment. These TrueMetrics reflect actual credit earned by every touchpoint and attribute to which your target segments were exposed.

Detailed Audience Analysis

Audience IQ is the Visual IQ cross channel marketing intelligence software product that enables you to understand the channels, campaigns, offers and tactics that produce the greatest performance toward your marketing goals by specific audience segments. By overlaying demographic and behavioral data about the individuals to whom you market — without divulging any personally identifiable information (PII) — Audience IQ analyzes the performance of your marketing campaigns by those demographics and behaviors. The outputs are clear breakdowns of the attributes of your customers with the highest propensity to convert or engage with your brand, as well as the marketing tactics that produce your highest value customers.

Isolating the cross channel marketing performance of each of the targeted audience segments that you define.

Tailor Your Tactics Using Audience-Specific Insights

With Audience IQ’s audience analysis, you or your clients can modify online or offline marketing programs so that you use the highest performing messaging, offers, placements, channels, etc., to target each audience. Learn the characteristics of your most valuable customers (by lifetime value, RFM, profit, or any of your key performance indicators) and devote a higher percentage of your budget to them. Take advantage of the data-driven executive and practitioner level insights you gain from cross channel attribution management, and apply it to individual audience segments. Optimize your campaigns and media mix, collect the results and feed them into Audience IQ to analyze and identify new opportunities for optimization.