IQ Envoy runs your marketing performance data from multiple sources through our TrueAttribution process. This calculates the actual effect that every marketing touchpoint and attribute has on achieving your marketing goals. It then recalculates all your existing success metrics into a set of TrueMetrics that reflect the actual amount of credit each touchpoint and attribute deserves.

Superior Intelligence Through Superior
Marketing Attribution Management

IQ Envoy is the Visual IQ cross channel marketing attribution management product that employs our TrueAttribution® process — the industry's most rigorous and accurate attribution marketing science — to calculate the true quantitative impact that each marketing touchpoint experienced by every one of your prospects has on all your marketing performance. This intelligence enables you to avoid making the costly mistakes that come from basing your marketing decisions on antiquated “last click” measurement techniques.

IQ Envoy's marketing attribution management methodology starts by analyzing the entire stack of marketing touchpoints to which your prospects were exposed, as well as all of the attributes of those touchpoints. Once this quantitative impact is calculated for each individual that has been exposed to your marketing efforts, it is then calculated for every one of your channels, campaigns and marketing tactics across all your KPIs.

True Up Your Metrics
With TrueMetrics™

The output of this marketing attribution management process is a set of TrueMetrics™ insights that mirror all of the key KPIs you or your clients already use, but recalculated to include cross channel, cross campaign and cross tactic influence. With IQ Envoy, you enjoy executive level and practitioner level dashboards that display the extent to which every strategy and tactic you deploy assists, and is assisted by, every other — in a very clear, easy to understand format.

Displaying your attributed TrueMetrics and your “last click” metrics to identify where opportunities exist.

Unlimited Optimization Opportunities

The cross channel insights produced by IQ Envoy empower you to reallocate budget to the tactics that produce the best return on your most important online and offline goals with a degree of confidence and accuracy never before possible. You discover the tactics that are your most effective introducers, influencers and converters — across and within channels, enabling you to optimize your combined marketing performance accordingly. The recommendations for performance optimization delivered through the marketing attribution management functionality of IQ Envoy are only limited by the amount and variety of data you provide.