The IQ Intelligence Suite is comprised of IQ Envoy, Audience IQ, IQ Sage and IQ Deploy. Each product offers specific functionality to empower your cross channel integration, attribution and optimization strategies. Buy only the products you need, or all four.

The IQ Intelligence Suite of Visual IQ Software Products

The IQ Intelligence Suite consists of four hosted cross channel marketing intelligence software products specifically designed to enable the multi-channel marketing measurement, optimization and media buying efforts of brands and their agencies.

The suite serves as the hub of your entire marketing ecosystem, displaying the performance of all your channels and tactics side-by-side, uncovering hidden insights from deep within your multi-channel performance data, delivering recommendations for changes to your marketing programs, revealing performance optimization opportunities, and enabling you to execute attribution-informed media buys through the buying platforms you already use.

Read below to learn how each product within the suite powers your marketing optimization efforts.



IQ Envoy

IQ Envoy is the Visual IQ marketing attribution product that enables you to understand your cross channel and cross campaign attribution — and avoid making the mistakes that come with traditional last click measurement techniques. It utilizes the world’s most accurate attribution modeling process — TrueAttribution® — to recalculate all the critical success metrics you already use into a mirror set of TrueMetrics insights that reflect the quantitative impact that each channel, campaign and marketing tactic has on the other. These metrics reveal the actual value of every one of your marketing touchpoints toward not only each campaign’s goals, but the goals of your overall marketing ecosystem. From this intelligence, you can readily identify opportunities for optimization within and between channels, campaigns and tactics.

Audience IQ

Audience IQ is the Visual IQ audience intelligence product that connects the understanding you gain through IQ Envoy about the marketing performance of all your channels, campaigns and tactics to the demographic and behavioral attributes of your customers and prospects. You discover the marketing strategies and tactics that produce the best performance from your various audience segments. You learn which messaging, offers and creatives within which channels produce your most valuable customers as determined by any of your KPIs. And you discover the characteristics of the customers who have the highest propensity to convert or engage with your brand.

IQ Sage

IQ Sage is the Visual IQ marketing optimization recommendation product that empowers you with the ability to instantly model potential changes to your campaign strategies, media tactics or channel mix in a virtual environment. Use its “what if?” scenario exploration functionality to predict the performance impact of reallocating your media spend across different tactics — using any of your success metrics. Run as many scenarios as you wish in order to fine tune your marketing mix, offers and creatives to maximize your return, then use IQ Sage to generate optimized media plans based on its models.

IQ Deploy is the Visual IQ media buying enablement product that empowers you and your agencies to instantly operationalize your attribution-informed metrics produced by IQ Envoy or your attribution-informed media plan produced by IQ Sage. The product does this by automatically pushing attributed data directly into your media buying execution platforms, including: demand side platforms, search marketing bidding tools, trading desks and campaign management tools. Utilize your existing processes to automatically implement optimized media buys and/or eliminate manual entry of media buys into your various execution platforms.

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