IQ Sage uses your TrueMetrics produced by IQ Envoy as a basis for you to explore an unlimited number of potential marketing spend scenarios, testing combinations of channels and tactics geared toward achieving your goals. Once an acceptable scenario has been tested and selected, an optimal media plan for executing that scenario is produced at the click of your mouse.

Predicts Your Performance & Delivers Optimized Media Plans

IQ Sage is the proven Visual IQ cross channel marketing recommendation product that employs predictive analytics to enable you to forecast the outcome of unlimited “what if?” media buying scenarios in a virtual environment prior to making changes to your actual online and offline marketing programs. Once you select a scenario to put into market, it produces a media plan reflecting the optimal mix of channels, campaigns and tactics to produce the greatest return based on your choice of one, or multiple objectives.

Uncovering the optimal combination of tactics to meet your conversion or brand engagement goals within a defined media spend.

IQ Sage seamlessly utilizes all of your historical marketing performance data and subsequent TrueMetrics produced by the IQ Envoy product to calculate the efficient frontier for your direct response CPA, total spend and total conversions goals, or for your brand marketing CPE, total spend and engagement score. By simply moving your mouse, you can explore the appropriate mix of marketing tactics to achieve those goals, and even apply constraints based on real world limitations in inventory or as a result of prior media buying commitments. Once you've selected a mix of channels, campaigns and tactics that's to your liking, a single click of your mouse produces your optimal media plan, ready to be delivered to your colleagues, agencies or platform partners for implementation.

Just think of the time you'll save in your planning process. Imagine what you'll be able to do with the power to instantly see how the adjustments you make in one area of your marketing mix will impact the performance of other areas of your mix, as well as the performance of your overall marketing ecosystem.