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Preparing to make the most of the IQ Intelligence Suite

At Visual IQ, we know how hard it is to integrate a new product and process into your already-busy life as a marketer. Even though you’re happy to have Visual IQ as an attribution resource in your toolkit, you may see it as an adjustment. And you might need some support to get returns on your time and company’s investment.

Here’s how you can make the most of Visual IQ: Training.

Providing guidance so you are comfortable and productive

Our comprehensive training programs help you to master both the fundamentals of the IQ Intelligence Suite software and ways to extract the insights and recommendations you need to optimize your media spend and achieve your business goals.

Offering web-based programs for your convenience

Our software training programs are web-based, so you can learn at a place and time that’s most convenient for you. These programs are paired with practice and experimentation in a training environment. They give you hands-on experience, so you are ready to use your organization’s configuration of the IQ Intelligence Suite.

We also offer a certification program geared toward mastering the products to which your organization has subscribed. You develop all the skills necessary to extract maximum value from your Visual IQ solution. The web-based training also simplifies the onboarding of new staff and updating current users on important new features and functions.

Helping you master advanced attribution to transform your business

From the get-go, our client services team partners with you to identify your unique business needs and goals. We work together to ensure the right people understand how our products work, receive the right type of training, and can extract the key insights and recommendations Visual IQ provides.

We’re dedicated to helping you meet your business objectives quickly. We make sure that you and your team are fully prepared to put marketing attribution to work — and ready to achieve better returns on your advertising spend.

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