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Today’s consumers are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of messages a day. To cut through the clutter, your marketing and advertising has to be more relevant than ever before, and delivered at the right moment across channels and devices to turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

To provide the contextually relevant experiences consumers expect, analyzing audience attributes in isolation from marketing performance is no longer enough. You need a more intelligent solution that consolidates marketing performance and audience analysis in a single platform if you want to boost conversions, increase loyalty, improve ROI and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

The IQ Intelligence Suite combines the power of audience and attribution

Visual IQ’s IQ Intelligence Suite combines the data you have about your customers and prospects with attributed measurement to provide a comprehensive view of their journey and the influence of each touchpoint along their path to conversion. With clarity into which channels and tactics influence a specific audience, you can orchestrate the optimal experience across platforms and devices, and optimize spend within and across channels to maximize business results with confidence.

Using a people-based architecture, the Visual IQ platform becomes your home base where you can:


Bring transparency to your marketing and advertising efforts. IQ Insight tracks the consumer journey across all touchpoints, so you can measure and optimize your marketing channels in one place, in real-time.



Transform the way you evaluate your tactical marketing and advertising performance. IQ Envoy accurately measures the effectiveness of your paid, earned and owned marketing at the dimension-level (publisher, placement, keyword, creative, etc.) using any number of success metrics.



Learn precisely how your customers and prospects interact with various media and marketing channels and tactics. Audience IQ de-duplicates consumer profiles to uncover how your marketing is performing by audience segment.



You want to make educated decisions. IQ Sage provides predictive analysis and robust scenario planning capabilities to help you determine your optimal media and marketing performance.



Take action with automated feeds that make your optimizations fast and easy. IQ Deploy integrates attributed data directly into your media buying platforms and partners.


Visual IQ Pricing

We understand that to best serve marketers, there is no “one size fits all.” We tailor the fee structure for Visual IQ hosted software products based on your specific advanced attribution needs. We consider:

  • The specific IQ Intelligence Suite products that are right for you
  • The amount and type of data your users need
  • How often you plan to refresh your data
  • The length of your contract

Contact us to discuss how we can contribute to your success.


As marketers, we understand how difficult it can be to integrate new products and processes. We provide extensive training programs that give you practical, hands-on experience with the IQ Intelligence Suite so you can master our products and transform your marketing.

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