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In this social and digital age, marketers of all functions are contending with an unprecedented amount of data. To maximize ROI, brands and agencies need an advanced marketing attribution solution that makes measurement, optimization and activation fast, easy and accurate.

The IQ Intelligence Suite of advanced marketing attribution software products

Optimize the performance of your entire marketing portfolio with our IQ Intelligence Suite. It consists of four hosted cross channel marketing intelligence software products that streamline data collection and recalculate questionable marketing metrics so you can make critical business decisions with confidence.

The suite becomes your home base, where you can see what’s really happening across your marketing ecosystem.

Here’s how the IQ Intelligence Suite powers your marketing optimization efforts:


Bring transparency to your marketing and advertising efforts. IQ Insight tracks the consumer journey across all touchpoints, so you can measure and optimize your marketing channels in one place, in real-time.



Transform the way you evaluate your marketing performance with our attribution software. IQ Envoy calculates the importance of each touchpoint in the customer journey.



Learn precisely how your best customers interact with various media channels and tactics. Audience IQ uncovers what mix generates the best performance from each of your audience segments.



You want to make educated decisions. The “What if?” scenario-planning capabilities in IQ Sage empower you to test which channels and tactics are best for driving a desired outcome.



Take action with automated feeds that make your media buys fast, easy and attribution-informed. IQ Deploy pushes attributed data directly into your media buying platforms.


Visual IQ products transform the way you assess marketing performance. Within a single, intuitive user interface, you get a side-by-side view of your outdated data next to your attributed set of TrueMetrics. Your formerly flawed metrics instantly brim with actionable, cross channel insight and opportunities for optimization.


Your TrueMetrics are produced by the world’s most exacting and accurate marketing science to analyze every customer touchpoint. Our patented TrueAttribution process uses 100% of the available data to model and quantify the way every channel, campaign and tactic impacts your marketing success.

Visual IQ Pricing

We understand that to best serve marketers, there is no “one size fits all.” We tailor the fee structure for Visual IQ hosted software products based on your specific advanced attribution needs. We consider:

  • The specific IQ Intelligence Suite products that are right for you
  • The amount and type of data your users need
  • How often you plan to refresh your data
  • The length of your contract

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