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Audience IQ

The more you engage and understand who a consumer is, the better your chances of converting her. Audience IQ helps you understand which media tactics are most effective for each type of audience. It feeds your first- or third-party audience data, such as demographic or behavioral segments, into our TrueAttribution® process. The output is a set of TrueMetrics for each audience segment so you can discover what works best for whom.

Every marketer needs laser focus on how to reach the right people with the right message at the right time, through the right channels. But how do you know which combination of media tactics work best for each type of audience? Enter Audience IQ.

Highlighting which tactics produce your best customers

Audience IQ is our audience-centric product that integrates with your data management platform (DMP) to provide you with insight into the specific audiences and respective media tactics that will be most effective in exceeding your marketing goals. Seamlessly unite first- and third-party audience segments with your TrueMetrics to learn which media tactics produce your best customers.

Calculating performance data for each audience segment

Our software feeds your marketing performance data, along with your first- or third-party audience segments from your DMP into our TrueAttribution process. The output is a set of TrueMetrics for each audience that uncover which combination of media tactics drive the best results for each segment.

Helping you identify the optimal media mix for each audience

Audience IQ illuminates the attributes of your prospects or customers through the lens of advanced attribution, so you get a clearer picture of how you can effectively market to them. Identify the traits of customers with the highest propensity to convert or engage with your brand. Discover the marketing tactics that produce your customers with the highest lifetime value. And then optimize your media and creative mix by audience segment to produce the best return.

Whether you work at the executive level or have a practitioner role, you get the insights you need to better target your marketing efforts to each specific audience segment.

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