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Increase your value to your clients by delivering advanced marketing attribution

Visual IQ helps your agency better serve your clients

Making advanced attribution easy for marketers to use requires an understanding of how it works. By becoming an expert in advanced attribution, you can improve your clients’ marketing effectiveness and become an even greater trusted resource.

Whether your company provides consultative marketing and analytics services, or is the agency of record for your clients’ media planning, buying or analytics, you can significantly extend the value of your services through participation in Visual IQ’s Vision™ Certified Partner Program.

Benefits of the Visual IQ certification program

As a certified channel partner, your team receives in-depth training to become proficient in our cross channel marketing attribution software.

You’re able to extract extremely granular, cross channel insights from the IQ Intelligence Suite to recommend more effective planning and optimization decisions to your clients.

Visual IQ’s Vision Certified Partner Program for channel partners includes:

  • End-user software training, including all products and features in the IQ Intelligence Suite, with an emphasis on optimization, both intra- and inter-channel.
  • Analytics training that builds on the end-user software training. Your team learns to ask the right questions and derive the right answers from within the IQ Intelligence Suite.
  • Set-up and operations training prepares your team to conduct the onboarding process, ensuring that client data is flowing smoothly into the Visual IQ platform. This training also prepares you to manage on-going operational tasks so you can proactively manage technical and data-related updates, ensuring your client’s insights are as current as possible.

As a Visual IQ certified partner, you can increase your client’s return on advertising spend, encourage their investment in your products and services, and make your organization an invaluable partner in their current and future success.

Perhaps most importantly, you become part of a larger ecosystem of marketing attribution experts who have a vested interest in ensuring that both you and your clients succeed.

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