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IQ Deploy

If marketing is an art and a science, the power of IQ Deploy frees you to focus on the art. IQ Deploy takes your daily TrueMetrics produced by IQ Envoy, or your optimal media plan created by IQ Sage, and automatically sends those insights to your media buying platforms to fuel attribution-informed buying decisions. Instead of spending time and brainpower manually pulling optimization levers in your media buying platforms every day, refocus your precious time on more strategic and creative marketing tasks.

For every marketer, time devoted to strategic thinking is one of your most valuable assets. IQ Deploy frees you from some of the most tedious and time-consuming media buying tasks, by automatically sending attributed data to your buying platforms to improve their real-time buying and optimization.

Putting your attribution-informed media plan in motion

IQ Deploy empowers you or your agencies to put your optimized media in motion based on your TrueMetrics produced by IQ Envoy, or your optimal media plan produced by IQ Sage.

IQ Deploy automatically pushes attributed data directly into your media buying platforms. Whether you use demand-side platforms, search marketing bidding tools, trading desks or campaign management tools, IQ Deploy makes it simple. Every day our software pushes the data so you or your partners can buy and optimize media based on your most current attributed metrics, rather than flawed last-click metrics.

Automatically pushing attributed data into your media-buying execution platforms

We have built seamless integrations between our IQ Intelligence Suite and all of the major media buying platforms that drive your marketing ecosystem, to make sure your data flows directly into your partner tools in the exact format they require to inform optimization decisions. By simply activating an automated feed, IQ Deploy can help you execute attribution-informed media buys with ease.

Helping accelerate time to market

IQ Deploy makes attribution-informed media buying a cinch. It functions seamlessly with other Visual IQ products to accelerate optimized media buying time to market. Buy and optimize media with confidence, thanks to the accuracy of your new-and-improved TrueMetrics.

If you have an optimized media plan produced by IQ Sage, you save a ton of time by no longer having to manually load your media buying instructions into multiple partner platforms. IQ Deploy's capabilities do all that input for you, automatically.

With all the free time you add to your day, you can develop ever-better ways to engage your customers and prospects.

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