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IQ Envoy

The variety of marketing channels, platforms and devices you use today to reach, acquire and retain customers creates a massive amount of raw data. IQ Envoy runs this data through our TrueAttribution® process and calculates the actual impact of every touchpoint and attribute on your marketing goals. It then transforms all your existing performance metrics into a set of TrueMetrics that reflect the actual credit each channel and tactic deserves for its contribution to your success.

For marketers today, there’s almost nothing more complex — or important — than cross channel marketing measurement and optimization. But getting actionable insights that are de-duplicated across disparate data sources on a daily basis remains a painful process.

We’ve seen too many smart marketers derailed by antiquated and ineffective last-click and rules-based analysis. You deserve better. Our IQ Envoy product elevates your cross channel measurement to a masterful level for your entire marketing funnel. It is powered by TrueAttribution, the world’s most accurate attribution modeling process. We know that’s a pretty big claim, so read more to learn why.

Elevating your cross channel measurement

IQ Envoy is the cross channel marketing attribution management product that calculates the true quantitative impact that every channel and tactic has on your marketing performance. It takes all your paid, owned and earned marketing data and runs it through our TrueAttribution process every single day. The resulting cross channel insights it produces enable you to readily identify opportunities for inter- and intra-channel optimization — and avoid the costly mistakes that come from antiquated measurement techniques.

Analyzing and recalculating impact

IQ Envoy analyzes the entire stack of marketing touchpoints and associated attributes (placement, keyword, creative, etc.) for each individual who is exposed to your marketing. It uses a machine learning approach to calculate the de-duplicated and quantitative impact that each touchpoint and attribute has on each of your success metrics. It then recalculates your current success metrics into a set of TrueMetrics that reflect the true credit each touchpoint and attribute deserves.

These TrueMetrics not only uncover the cross channel, cross campaign and cross tactic impact of the media you buy, but also mirror all the KPIs you already use with an unparalleled degree of accuracy. And IQ Envoy organizes all of this data within the dimensions of your existing marketing taxonomy (line of business, campaign, product, etc.)

IQ Envoy also delivers executive- and practitioner-level dashboards that not only show influence across channels and campaigns, but also show influence across tactics within specific channels and campaigns. All in an interface that’s easy to navigate, and gives you actionable insights down to a tactical level.

Uncovering insight for smarter decision-making

IQ Envoy takes the mystery out of your metrics. You find out which channels and tactics drive brand engagement and conversions most successfully. You get critical insight into which combination of tactics work best together. And you can easily see where to allocate budget to maximize return.

The opportunities to achieve insights through IQ Envoy are limited only by the variety and amount of data you provide. Take your cross channel measurement to the next level with TV Attribution and Cross-Device Attribution.

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