Measure marketing & media performance
& track the consumer journey

IQ Insight

Bring transparency to your marketing and advertising efforts. IQ Insight tracks the consumer journey across all touchpoints, so you can measure and optimize your marketing channels in one place, in real-time.

Tracking the performance of your marketing and media across the multitude of channels can be overwhelming. You know consumers are interacting with your brand across multiple touchpoints, but understanding which touchpoints drive performance can be difficult unless you have a holistic view of your digital marketing. You need a solution that’s easy to implement and can provide immediate insights into the consumer journey.

Measuring marketing & media performance

IQ Insight makes it easy to collect and de-duplicate data from all of your marketing channels in real-time. Once collected, IQ Insight allows you to compare the results of several multi-touch attribution models that measure the influence of every channel and tactic on a given success criteria. Select from rules-based attribution models, such as First-Touch, Last-Touch, Even Weighting, and Position-Based Attribution or leverage Visual IQ’s Enhanced methodology. Dashboards uncover the typical length of the customer journey, the influence between channels along the journey, the importance of each channel at each stage in the journey, as well as common touchpoint sequences in the path.

Optimizing media based on predictive insight

Using Visual IQ’s Enhanced methodology, you can take advantage of data-driven, scenario planning to predict performance and optimize your media spend. Test multiple ‘what if?’ scenarios of budget allocations at the channel and one sub-channel levels before putting your optimal scenario in market.

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