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IQ Sage

Almost everyone has experienced buyer’s remorse. Prevent it with IQ Sage, which uses the TrueMetrics generated by IQ Envoy® to let you test every possible marketing scenario before you buy. Evaluate various combinations of channels and tactics before allocating your budget. Once you pick the best possible outcome, an optimal media plan is yours — with just a simple click of a button.

Marketers need to compete in two aspects of reality: what is and what could be. You need the crystal-clear picture of performance across today’s multi-channel data chaos. At the same time, you also need to envision a myriad of “what if?” possibilities to fulfill the maximum potential of your marketing mix. You need IQ Sage.

Forecasting unlimited media-buying scenarios

IQ Sage is the cross channel scenario planning product that gives you the freedom to forecast the outcome of unlimited media buying “what ifs?” It uses predictive analytics that allow you to experiment with multiple media buying scenarios in a virtual environment before making changes to your real-life marketing programs. Once you select a scenario to put into market, it produces a media plan that reflects the optimal mix and spend levels of channels, campaigns and tactics for achieving the best possible results.

Using predictive analytics to test combinations of channels and tactics

IQ Sage seamlessly weaves together all of your historical marketing performance data and subsequent TrueMetrics produced by the IQ Envoy product. It then calculates the efficient frontier for your budget and performance goals. Generate scenarios based on specific direct response goals, such as target cost per acquisition (CPA) and total conversions, or brand marketing goals, such as target cost per engagement (CPE) and engagement score. Easily explore the right mix of marketing channels and tactics to achieve those goals. You can account for diminishing returns, and even apply constraints based on real-world limitations in inventory or fixed media buying commitments.

Once you've selected a mix of channels, campaigns, and tactics that meets your goals within your defined marketing budget, a single click of a button delivers your optimal media plan. It’s ready for you to hand off to your colleagues, agencies or platform partners to put into market.

Producing the optimal media plan

Think of IQ Sage as the world’s fastest and most intelligent media planner. You get all of the wisdom, and none of the risk. Think of the time you'll save in your planning process. Imagine what you'll be able to do with the ability to see, instantly, how the adjustments you make in one area of your marketing mix will impact the performance of others. Picture your management team’s delight when you deliver accurate predictions and performance forecasts. IQ Sage makes all of this possible with just a few clicks.

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