Transforming unreliable data into actionable insight

Illuminating your optimization opportunities with the most powerful attribution technology on the market

Some clients accept the old ways of assessing marketing performance, but sticking with last-click attribution is the best way to stagnate. Our TrueAttribution® process calculates a set of TrueMetrics that parallel the performance benchmarks you already use. Except these TrueMetrics incorporate the influences between channels and tactics, so you know the true impact of each touchpoint on every one of your key performance indicators.

Avoid inaccurate attribution models

You know too well what it’s like to have to rely on guesswork from data you just can’t trust. Unfortunately, last-click and other rudimentary modeling approaches are still the standard in many analytics tools. And you know how critical reliable performance data is for your future success.

Evaluate your performance with ease

We want to make it easy for you to evaluate your marketing performance. This is where TrueMetrics insights, Visual IQ's cross channel marketing metrics, come in. TrueMetrics reflect the same KPIs and critical success metrics you already use to optimize your efforts. Only these metrics are recalculated to reveal the influence that every marketing channel, campaign and tactic has on every other channel, campaign and tactic, as well as on your total marketing performance.

View your historical metrics and attributed metrics side-by-side

You wind up with a parallel comparison that illustrates the difference between your questionable last-click key performance indicators, and your proven TrueMetrics. For instance: Your current KPI conversions, leads, applications, revenue, cost per acquisition (CPA) and ROI will be recalculated to trustworthy TrueMetrics.

Truly informed decision-making

Now you have a more accurate set of metrics: TrueConversions, TrueLeads, TrueApplications, TrueRevenue, TrueCPA and TrueROI — as well as any other vertical or business model-specific metrics that relate to your business.

With TrueMetrics at the ready, you or your team can make quick, informed decisions to optimize your results without changing the way you already work.


So how do we produce your TrueMetrics? By using the most advanced attribution modeling, predictive analytics and mathematical science created by the industry’s most experienced marketing scientists and machine-learning experts.

Our patented TrueAttribution process accurately allocates credit for your overall marketing success across every channel, campaign and marketing tactic. These unmatched macro-level and micro-level marketing insights enable optimization of your marketing investments to a degree never before attainable.

Our TrueAttribution cross channel attribution modeling approach:

  • Incorporates every marketing touchpoint experienced by every one of your prospective customers.
  • Analyzes every attribute associated with every one of your marketing efforts — the entire stack of touchpoints. This information amounts to thousands of attributes (keywords, ad size, placement, publisher, timing, creative, offer, etc.).
  • Uses 100% of your data to analyze and calculate the performance impact of each channel, campaign and tactic on the others.
  • Performs attribution modeling using data from both online and offline channels, as well as devices, to calculate and provide marketing performance impact.
  • Continually refines the models on which its output is based, because actual performance data is fed back into our products.

Don’t just justify your spend; optimize your spend

The output is a set of TrueMetrics that incorporate cross channel and cross tactic impact and clearly reveal opportunities for optimization across and within your marketing mix — all presented within the powerful Visual IQ user interface. It’s your flawed metrics transformed into impeccable intelligence, so you can best allocate your spend.

Take the guesswork out of marketing

Learn how the cross channel marketing metrics and optimization recommendations provided by IQ Envoy can help you make transformative business decisions.

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