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About Nielsen Visual IQ

At Nielsen Visual IQ, we provide the holistic marketing effectiveness solutions you need to plan, measure and optimize all your marketing and advertising investments by audience, all in one place

Why Nielsen Visual IQ

As the number of marketing and advertising touchpoints explode and the demand for ROI and accountability grows, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Leveraging Nielsen’s robust consumer data and scale in marketing mix modeling and Visual IQ’s rich history of multi-touch attribution expertise, we identify who your customers and prospects are, the marketing and media they consume, and the products and services they buy – for the most complete, audience-based view of marketing performance.

At Nielsen Visual IQ, we recognize that different marketing roles – from the CMO down to each individual channel owner – require different insights at difference speeds in order to make the most effective decisions. We also know that accuracy depends on the type of data a marketer has available and what they’re ultimately looking to measure. That’s why we combine the power of multiple modeling methodologies into holistic measurement solutions. From strategic investments through tactical optimizations, we’ll arm your entire team with the audience-based performance insights they need to maximize efficiency and effectiveness across your entire marketing portfolio.

Our mission

When it comes to maximizing results, we understand your primary challenge understanding what’s happened, and what to do to drive better outcomes. With today’s marketing and media landscape, it’s harder than ever. We don’t just measure huge pools of data; we make sense of it, so you get the insights you need to make smarter marketing investments. We’ve tasked ourselves to:

  • Provide unified, audience-based measurement solutions that deliver the speed, precision, accuracy and foresight to support any marketing decision and improve lift and ROI across all marketing investments.
  • Deliver simple and easy-to-use solutions for measuring and optimizing response at the level consumers are engaged.
  • Make our solutions indispensable.
  • Relentlessly innovate in order to exceed your needs.
  • Deliver extraordinary value to our customers, employees and partners.
  • Ensure that the values of our team will help you succeed.

We are inspired by the idea of making your every day as a marketer even better.

Optimize your marketing performance

See how some of the world's largest, most successful and most demanding brands and agencies use Nielsen Visual IQ’s Marketing Effectiveness solutions to optimize marketing and advertising performance by audience.

News & Events

Nielsen Visual IQ executives are frequently quoted by business and trade press and participate as sponsors and speakers at leading marketing industry events. We also issue press releases about our latest news, as well as marketplace trends. Whether you work for a brand or an agency, or are a marketing executive or practitioner-level learner, we're here to keep you updated on the latest trends.

Our Management Team

Nielsen Visual IQ knows the marketing and advertising industry inside and out, and we have the top talent to prove it. Our team includes experienced marketing professionals who have spent time at some of the world’s most successful brands, as well as at the industry’s leading agencies. Our experience spans both traditional and interactive marketing. We also bring you the creative power of experts in the disciplines of data management, marketing mix modeling, marketing attribution and customer experience.

Our Performance Insider Blog

The Performance Insider Blog keeps you up-to-date on the latest marketing news, trends and insight. Be sure to come back often to see what’s new.

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