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11 Things We’re Looking Forward To at DMEXCO 2017

September 08, 2017 - By Wayne St. Amand, CMO, Visual IQ

11 Things We’re Looking Forward To at DMEXCO 2017

​The Visual IQ team is heading to Cologne, Germany to attend dmexco 2017.

​Dmexco has been described as “the most important meeting point for the global digital economy” where thought leaders, influencers, marketing and media pros, techies and creators of the global digital economy come together to share tactics, trends, strategies, and successes. This year, the conference expects more than 50,700 visitors.

​It’s an extravaganza of all things digital — great speakers, super cool events, sessions galore, and a great chance to chat with folks from all over the world. The Visual IQ team is gearing up for a week of learning and networking.

Dmexco is an exciting place to unveil our new Marketing Intelligence Platform, a next-generation solution that combines audience demographic and behavioral attributes with tactical marketing performance in a single user interface.

​Here are the top 11 things we’re looking forward to.

​1. Seeing Our Customers

Last October, Visual IQ acquired Refined Labs, a leading German attribution and customer journey analytics provider. I’m looking forward to meeting many of our German customers face-to-face for the first time, and having a chance to spend time with folks from other companies around EMEA.

2. Showing Off Our New Platform

Dmexco is an exciting place to unveil our new Marketing Intelligence Platform, a next-generation solution that combines audience demographic and behavioral attributes with tactical marketing performance in a single user interface. The platform enables brands and agencies to discover their best-performing marketing based on the people who matter most. To see it in action, visit us in Hall 8 / Booth E-029.

3. Competing at the Photo Wall

​While you’re at our booth, take your photo with some fun props and upload it to social media. Whoever gets the most “likes” after one week, wins! First place is an iPad Pro, second place is an Apple Watch, and third place is an Amazon Gift Card. If you’re lucky, maybe you can grab a photo with me or our CEO and Founder Manu Mathew (or we might just photobomb you!)

4. Sharing Some Knowledge

​Join us as on Wednesday, September 13 as Visual IQ CEO and Founder Manu Mathew and O2 Head of Social Media Kristian Lorenzon describe how O2 (Telefónica UK) was able to uncover the true impact of its social media advertising. We’ll also explore how marketing intelligence can help you understand your consumers, the journeys they take, and how to optimize their experience with each touchpoint along the way. That’s our Marketing Intelligence session on Wednesday, September 13 from 1:00 to 1:45 pm, Seminar 6 in Hall 5.1.

5. Learning from the Best

​With over 570 speakers on 17 stages with 250 hours of programming, there’s an overwhelming number of choices. I’m sure it will be standing room only for Sheryl Sandberg, R/GA Founder Bob Greenberg, Procter & Gamble’s Marc Pritchard, and Time Warner’s CMO Kristen O´Hara. Even Stewart Copeland, Founder & Drummer of The Police has a session!

6. Talking about Marketing Intelligence

​I anticipate there will be a lot of talk at the show about the intersection of audience and attribution. We know marketers use attribution to understand the performance of their marketing and advertising against specific KPIs. By and large, it’s focused on paid media channels, to provide visibility into which channels and granular-level tactics (placement, creative, offer, etc.) influence a conversion, when, and to what extent. Increasingly however, marketers are realizing that the “who” also plays a big part in attributed measurement across all of their marketing efforts.

7. Checking out Brands

​Having a chance to see what the best brands in the world are doing is pretty inspiring for any CMO. As the CMO of a B2B company with B2C customers, I’m always checking out what’s innovative. Among the 1,013 exhibitors from all over the world are megabrands Google, Amazon, CNN, Walt Disney, Twitter … and that’s barely scratching the surface.

8. Visiting the City of Cologne

​It’s my first time in Cologne, and the hosts of dmexco are doing everything they can to ensure conference-goers are going to have a great time. We’ve been salivating over the choices in the Cologne GastroGuide. I’m not sure how much time we’ll have outside the conference hall, but I’ve heard there are amazing historic sites, gardens, architecture, not to mention the Gothic Cologne Cathedral, Germany’s most visited attraction.

9. Brainstorming about Consumer Behavior

Today’s consumers are more informed, connected and empowered than ever. They want, and expect, a relevant and coordinated experience with brands across channels and devices—and they won’t be afraid to go elsewhere if they don’t get it. To effectively compete in today’s consumer-led world, marketers must not only analyze tactical marketing performance, but also ensure that audience data is part of that mix. I’m looking forward to brainstorming with marketers about how to deliver more relevant experiences that drive the business KPIs they care about most.

10. Seeing the Future

At the conference’s Experience Hall, dmexco promises we’ll see where the future meets business. I expect to have my mind expanded by innovators successfully using the Internet of Things, wearables, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality and meet masterminds from all over the world.

11. Enjoying the Big Party

​The official dmexco Pure Party at the end of the first day is at the Wolkenburg in the center of Cologne. The bash is spread out over two floors within the ancient walls of this former monastery, with food and outdoor bars in the inner courtyards and a dance floor with live music and a DJ. Should be a good time to chill out, relax, and have fun!

​With the motto “Lightening the Age of Transformation,” this year’s event is dedicated to giving those of us in the digital world the “courage, flexibility and readiness” to reinvent ourselves for the digital era on every level — strategically, technically, and operationally.

​Stop by Visual IQ at Hall 8 / Booth E-029 and tell us what you’re looking forward to at dmexco! Want to learn more about our platform? Request a demo today.

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