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Nielsen Webinar: Data-Driven Personalization for Retailers

August 09, 2018 - By Ginna Hall, Senior Writer, Nielsen Visual IQ

Nielsen Webinar: Data-Driven Personalization for Retailers

Did you know that U.S. adults are spending over 11 hours a day connected to linear and digital media and almost six hours a day with video alone?

Consumers in today’s fragmented media landscape have so many ways to discover content that matters to them. They can easily ignore or unfollow any ad, brand or store experience that isn’t relevant.

To grab and keep their attention, manufacturers and retailers need to put the “I” back in retail and create personal, engaging experiences.

“The issue is, we’re still operating in a mass marketing world, but consumers are living—specifically, searching and learning—in a very personalized world, “ said Jeanne Danubio, Nielsen’s EVP of Retail.

Companies Need to Prepare for an Omnichannel World

Consumers see little difference between online and offline stores—only the trade offs in convenience. Local brick-and-mortar storefronts and e-commerce sites alike will need to borrow the best elements from other channels to create different, complementary experiences.

Luckily, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence can help marketers engage their consumers, one-to-one, and activate their creative content with laser-guided precision.

> > Want to learn more? Register here: The “I” in Retail: Data-Driven Personalization [WEBINAR]

Data-Driven Personalization

Next-generation marketing tools such as Nielsen Marketing Cloud for targeting and multi-touch attribution for ROI measurement will be critical for delivering highly personalized messages and offers.

Mobile phones and augmented reality are playing an ever-greater role in consumers’ lives, and smart brands can leverage this technology for greater engagement. By offering AR displays on these hand-held, always-on digital devices, retailers can let shoppers create their own interactive brand and in-store experiences.

“For years, companies have tried to build a comprehensive picture of their consumers with customer loyalty programs. However, that view is limited. In order to make personalization a reality, companies must shift their focus from knowing their store or category to knowing the person,” said Danubio.

With Nielsen data and solutions, it’s already possible for brands to combine their own data with a much broader view of their consumers to identify where else they shop, what else they buy, and which new consumers can be acquired with a personalized approach.

When companies bring all of these elements together, they can deliver more personalized omnichannel shopping experiences. Combining networks of physical stores and e-commerce fulfillment will provide infinite, yet highly relevant product assortments. And these personalized assortments will be accessible everywhere people live, work and play—from the store around the block to the palm of their hands.

The ‘I’ In Retail: Data-Driven Personalization [Webinar]

Join us on August 22, 2018 at 11:00 ET for The ‘I’ In Retail: Data-Driven Personalization to learn how you can engage intimately with your consumers, one-to-one, and activate customer-centric strategies with laser-guided precision.

In this session, Jeanne Danubio, EVP of Retail at Nielsen will share how to over-deliver on your consumers’ expectations for personalized shopping and marketing experiences. Danubio will explore how technology is disrupting three major stages in the consumer journey:

  • how people discover products and stores
  • how they shop
  • where and how they ultimately buy

Not too long ago, creating a personalized experience was as simple as sending emails that addressed your customer by first name. Today, it’s about much more. Shoppers are demanding a new wave of customization, fueled by rich data and smart technology, that makes their entire consumer journey easier in a world of overwhelming choices.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Actionable insights about shoppers’ expectations for personalization across three key stages of the consumer journey
  • How retailers and manufacturers are successfully using customization to connect with shoppers across the globe
  • Practical strategies for building a complete picture of your customers and potential customers, both inside and outside your store or category
  • How to over-deliver on your consumers’ expectations for personalized shopping and marketing experiences

REGISTER: The ‘I’ In Retail: Data-Driven Personalization

DATE: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

TIME: 11:00 AM Eastern / 8:00 AM Pacific

SPEAKER: Jeanne Danubio, Executive Vice President, Retail, Nielsen

Jeanne Danubio EVP, Retail NielsenJeanne Danubio, EVP, Retail, Nielsen

Ar Nielsen, Jeanne Danubio is responsible for commercial relationships with retailers in the U.S. and products for retailers worldwide. She has also led the Marketing and Sales Effectiveness Practices for Lead Markets, the Nielsen Canada business, Consumer Insights North America, Global Shopper Analytics, and large client engagements including Unilever, General Mills, RB and PespiCo. In 2018, Danubio was named a Top Woman in Grocery by Progressive Grocer, one of the most credible platforms for women’s leadership recognition within the retail industry.

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