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How The Economist Proves the Effectiveness of Marketing [Webinar]

January 24, 2019 - By Ginna Hall, Senior Content Writer, Nielsen Visual IQ

How The Economist Proves the Effectiveness of Marketing [Webinar]

In a world where consumers interact with brands across a dizzying number of channels, touchpoints and devices, leading brands such as The Economist strive to understand the true impact of their growing marketing spends.

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“We have more devices, channels, more ways to experience a brand - things which we are exposed to that we consciously choose and things that we’re unconsciously influenced by,” noted Iain Noakes, Chief Customer Journey Officer at The Economist, onstage at DMEXCO 2018.

Simplistic, last-click attribution models are easy to use and understand, but offer limited visibility into the effectiveness of upper-funnel investments such as TV and display, making it difficult to understand the influence of such investments on overall results.

Noakes and Wayne St. Amand, CMO at Nielsen Visual IQ, will address these challenges in a new webinar on February 13, 2019, How The Economist Proves the Effectiveness of Marketing.

Noakes and St. Amand will discuss how The Economist is able to gain actionable insights into its marketing effectiveness, and how these insights allow the 175-year-old publication to optimize its media budget allocations, make real-time optimizations to digital campaigns in-flight, and drive subscriptions.

During the 45-minute Q&A session, Noakes will focus on The Economist’s marketing performance measurement goals, the results of implementing advanced measurement within the company, and how his team plans to further improve its marketing effectiveness.

The Economist uses multiple ways to measure marketing effectiveness, choosing to validate the results of each against secondary and tertiary approaches. Webinar attendees will learn how this venerable brand has not only survived, but thrived in the hyper-competitive media market.

How The Economist Proves the Effectiveness of Marketing

Join Iain Noakes and Wayne St. Amand to learn how The Economist proves its marketing effectiveness.

Iain Noakes and Wayne St. Amand

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