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How Marketing Data Analytics Drives Decision Making in Healthcare

January 23, 2018 - By Ginna Hall, Senior Writer, Visual IQ

How Marketing Data Analytics Drives Decision Making in Healthcare

Today, the amount of health-related data doubles every three years. Experts say this rate is increasing and will double every 73 days by 2020.

In the right hands, this information represents an expanding resource that can be mined for answers to some of our most pressing health issues. It can also be used to improve and refine marketing programs that enhance patient experiences and motivate people to take an active role in their healthcare.

Healthcare organizations of all types are at the forefront of this knowledge. Big data is creating enormous opportunities not only to improve patient outcomes and manage costs, but also advance marketing efforts. Organizations that can combine data, analytics and strategy will be able to implement processes that change the way they operate, for the better.

The most innovative organizations are already using data to help people live healthier lives. But the incredible volume and variety of this data means that few can make sense of it. At the same time, healthcare is becoming “digitalized” through the adoption of electronic medical records and technologies such as mobile, social, and cloud computing.

As a result, healthcare is evolving rapidly — as many other industries are. This digital transformation will help organizations deliver better health, value and consumer engagement.

One essential is the ability to capture, integrate and analyze this ocean of data across different audience segments. This is made possible by new tools that help practitioners, researchers, caregivers and marketers discover and apply the answers in innovative ways.

The Digital Disruption of Healthcare

Embracing advances in technology will allow companies to harness information for data-driven decision making. But some organizations are unprepared to take advantage of this transformation.

Healthcare marketers note that it is early days for many organizations that are just beginning to modernize operations and track progress with sophisticated analytics. Others are using tech to drive consumer behavior change in the new healthcare environment.

Webinar: How Marketing Analytics Drives Decision Making in Healthcare

To help marketers make sense of their data, advertising agency ndp sponsored a webinar in partnership with HCIC. The webinar featured ndp’s client, Kindred Healthcare, and attribution partner Visual IQ.

Lori Riggs, Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing, Kindred Healthcare, and Wayne St. Amand, Chief Marketing Officer, Visual IQ, presented Kindred Healthcare’s approach to data-based decision making and how they have used multi-touch attribution to glean insights about marketing performance and audience behavior.

“Kindred uses a myriad of data points to support and drive their decision making,” said James Colvin, ndp’s marketing analytics lead. “It was great to share how Kindred Healthcare and ndp are working together to leverage data to improve marketing and advertising.”

Webinar Speakers
Lori Riggs, Kindred Healthcare

Lori Riggs, Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing, Kindred Healthcare

Wayne St. Amand, Visual IQ

Wayne St. Amand, Chief Marketing Officer, Visual IQ

James Colvin, ndp

James Colvin, Marketing Analytics Lead, ndp

About Kindred Healthcare

Kindred Healthcare, a Fortune 500 healthcare services company, is on the forefront of marketing analytics in the healthcare space. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the company has 86,400 employees providing healthcare services in 2,475 locations in 45 states, including hospitals, sub-acute units, home health, hospice, and rehabilitation units.

Ranked as one of Fortune magazine’s Most Admired Healthcare Companies for eight years, Kindred’s mission is to promote healing, provide hope, preserve dignity and produce value for each patient, resident, family member, customer, employee and shareholder they serve.

About ndp

Ranked #1 among advertising agencies by Richmond BizSense in 2017, ndp is a nationally-known full-service ad agency providing creatively-driven work for clients including Kindred Healthcare, VCU Health, The Jefferson Hotel, Universal Fibers, and University Health System.

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