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New Report: Keeping Up With Digital Advertising Challenges

March 05, 2019 - By Ginna Hall, Senior Content Writer, Nielsen Visual IQ

New Report: Keeping Up With Digital Advertising Challenges

Today, more than half of digital ad spend goes to waste. Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings results show that 56% of campaign impressions, on average, are lost to issues such as fraud and off-target, out- of-view audiences.

These well-established industry issues can significantly impact ad performance and continue to plague the advertising industry. A new report from Nielsen, Measurement Breakthroughs, describes these challenges and shows how they can be overcome.

  • Viewability: If the audience had the opportunity to see an ad in the viewable portion of the screen.
  • Invalid traffic: Impressions from sources such as bots, spiders, adware or data-center traffic—among other categories—that should not be monetized.
  • Off-Target Impressions: The portion of the campaign that was not delivered to the intended target audience.

Viewability is crucial to assessing the true reach of a digital campaign. No one likes to pay for ads that aren’t seen. As marketers continue to evaluate different viewability standards for their digital display and video campaigns, flexibility in applying different audience qualifiers to campaign performance is more relevant than ever.

Additionally, advertisers must now consider time spent in-view by demographic, which takes into account how long consumers spend with ads in the viewable portion of the screen. This is a relatively new concept that contributes to comparability across TV and digital measurement.

The marketplace has made great progress in tackling major challenges that impact digital advertising, but strategic measurement remains a steep climb. It’s no surprise that, according to The Nielsen CMO Report 2018, a staggering 74% of CMOs today have little to no confidence in their ability to measure the performance of their digital campaigns.

As ad measurement continues to evolve, it is crucial to use tools that provide the most comprehensive understanding of performance and prove which audiences are most effective for a given campaign.

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To learn more about cross-platform measurement tools and eliminating digital ad waste, download a copy of the 2019 Nielsen Measurement Breakthroughs Report.

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