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Marketing Intelligence: Top 9 Blog Posts for 2017

January 04, 2018 - By Ginna Hall, Senior Writer, Visual IQ

Marketing Intelligence: Top 9 Blog Posts for 2017

2017 was a banner year for Visual IQ. The biggest news was our acquisition by Nielsen, the global performance management company, in September.

This was a very exciting moment for all of the dedicated and passionate Visual IQ employees who have worked hard to transform the Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) space for the past decade.

The announcement came on the heels of our recognition as a Global Leader in Data Innovation by Information Age as part of its Data 50 list.

Also last year, we grew the team by 38 new members and boosted the company’s management expertise when Wayne St. Amand joined as Chief Marketing Officer and Theresa Colarusso signed on as Senior Vice President, Customer Success.

We expanded our reach and capabilities with new business partners, new customers and our first certified alliance partners in Europe: Havas Media Group, Mediacom, Maxus Italy, and fifty-five.

On the marketing front, we launched our blog, covering trends, tactics, and tips for all things attribution-related. In addition to marketing intelligence know-how, topics ranged from new limitations on the Safari browser to our growing relationships in Brazil.

Popular posts included the nuts and bolts of attribution and marketing intelligence terminology, as well as CEO Manu Mathew’s reflections on the company’s journey from startup to acquisition.

To keep you up-to-speed on the hottest topics, here’s a list of the 9 most-viewed blog posts from last year.

9. Preparing for the Future: Why Real-Time Attribution is Essential

One thing is not debatable—the world is getting faster. This has implications for, well, everything. CMO Wayne St. Amand describes how increased velocity will impact marketers.

8. 32 Marketing Intelligence Terms You Need to Know (Part 1)

Marketing intelligence is an advanced discipline. There are many terms you need to know to be effective—with more new ones every day. We’ve defined some of the most important concepts to help you boost your marketing and advertising know-how. [See Part 2 here]

7. What Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention Means to You

In September, Apple released an update to its popular operating system, iOS 11, which included a new feature in its Safari browser called Intelligent Tracking Prevention. The feature blocks third-party trackers from capturing cross-site browsing data for ad targeting purposes. Read this post to learn what we recommend.

6. How Digital Marketing Is Fueling the Automotive Industry

Many dealers attribute marketing results using a flawed “last click” model, because tracking conversions across multiple marketing touches is so difficult. Multi-touch attribution tackles this vexing issue, enabling auto marketers to finally understand the true drivers for each sale.

5. Five Best Practices for Marketing Attribution

An eMarketer report revealed that companies with successful marketing attribution practices have five things in common. Keep these in mind when launching your push to take attribution to the next level.

4. Future Focus: Digital Marketing in Brazil

Visual IQ supports companies around the world that are getting up to speed with marketing attribution. We joined our partner Oracle and host agency DP6 in São Paulo, Brazil for an event for executives from more than 30 major companies.​

3. From Startup to Acquisition: A Founder’s Journey

Our CEO Manu Mathew describes his journey to help marketers win by giving them tools to discover the tactics and audiences behind their best performing marketing. Now, as part of the Nielsen family, we remain focused on that north star.

2. Methods & Models: A Quick Guide to Multi-Touch Attribution

This post explains the fundamentals of multi-touch attribution, highlights the differences in available methods and models in our platform, and helps you choose the right model for your business. ​

1. Cookies, Tags, Pixels and IDs: Tracking the Consumer Journey

​One of the most frequently asked questions about the “plumbing” that enables multi-touch attribution (MTA) is how individual users are tracked. This post explains the most common types of tracking technologies.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the growth of our blog in 2017. To see other posts, check out the blog home page. We look forward to continuing to bring you tips and insights about how to improve your marketing intelligence.  

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