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Marketing to Marketers: An Interview with Visual IQ’s CMO Wayne St. Amand

November 09, 2017 - By Ginna Hall, Senior Writer, Visual IQ

Marketing to Marketers: An Interview with Visual IQ’s CMO Wayne St. Amand

MarTech Advisor’s Contributing Editor Ginger Conlon spoke with Wayne St. Amand, CMO, Visual IQ, for the Executive Interview Series. Wayne is a veteran marketing leader with a track record of significantly increasing the growth trajectory and valuation of technology businesses.

“I have the honor and the privilege of being a marketer who markets to marketers and I’m excited about helping my peers and my colleagues be more successful in this regard,” said Wayne.

In the interview, Wayne shared his insights on people-based marketing, marketing intelligence and three opportunities for marketers to have the biggest impact.

Three Ways Marketers Can Up Their Game

Opportunity #1: Connect the Dots

Marketers have an opportunity to tear down the walls of silos and really understand in a cross-channel, cross-tactical way, how one activity is impacting another activity.

Opportunity #2: Find Ways to Be Relevant

We know from the data that six out of ten consumers won’t even consider interacting with your brand unless you show evidence that you’re being relevant to them. We have to find ways to be as relevant as possible at those moments when they’re going to be susceptible to our curated message.

Opportunity #3: Look for Patterns in the Data

Using machine learning and AI is inherently about looking at massive amounts of data and finding patterns in that data that can be useful, based on what you’ve done in the past. Eventually this will be predictive based on future potential for success. I think every facet of marketing is going to be touched by this.

Watch the complete interview here: Marketing Intel – Visual IQ CMO Connects the Customer Journey Dots

More Highlights From the Interview

Ginger Conlon: What is one opportunity that you see for marketers to really up their game and take a more marketing intelligence approach that maybe they’re overlooking but has the potential for such positive impact?

Wayne St Amand: There is the opportunity, I think, for marketers to connect the dots, to tear down the walls of these silos and really understand in a cross channel, cross tactical way, how one activity is impacting another activity and that’s often a guessing game.

GC: What are some elements of people-based marketing that really resonate the most to you, that you feel are the most important for marketers to keep in mind?

WSA: if we can connect the dots between those addressable, mostly digital, and non-addressable, offline, in-store even, marketing touchpoints, then we can do a much better job of curating that content and understanding the impact of that content on the customer journey, on the consumer or prospect experience.

GC: Where should they then focus their use of marketing intelligence to make the biggest positive impact on the customer experience for customers but also potentially for prospects who are just kind of entering the marketing funnel?

WSA: Marketing intelligence is all about finding and discovering your best performing marketing and targeting it to those who matter most to you. When a marketer really has a grasp on that idea, they can view their world through these addressable and non-addressable channels, tactics, mediums and really curate a high impact, customized, highly relevant experience for consumers as they move through their life and, as you mentioned earlier, customers expect that.

GC: Any other challenges that you are finding marketers facing when they’re trying to get their analytics to really work for them and what advice do you have for them for overcoming that challenge?

WSA: De-duplication of users, of individuals, of people in our systems is critical and systems that can do this de-duplication to find the individuals, track them, and expose them to relevant things as they’re on that journey is vital. This is what my peers and our customers are looking for. I think that the future is going to be about ecosystem plays and lots of partnerships to bring capabilities that help us do a better job and reduce the complexity that marketers have to deal with.

GC: Is there anything else, a trend or a tool that you’re hot on right now and also, it may very well be related, anything coming up with Visual IQ, either a new feature or an upgrade that we should know about?

WSA: We have a major new platform that’s going to be coming out. I can’t really talk at a detail level about what’s coming but the ability to combine audience and audience-based view of performance and attribution is particularly powerful. Much more to come on that front.

Watch the complete interview

Marketing Intel – Visual IQ CMO Connects the Customer Journey Dots

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Visual IQ CEO Wayne St. AmandAbout Wayne St. Amand, CMO, Visual IQ

Wayne St. Amand is the chief marketing officer of Visual IQ. He oversees the marketing of the company’s Marketing Intelligence Platform, including product marketing strategy, demand generation, branding, PR, analyst relations and sales enablement activities. Find him on Twitter at @WayneSaint.


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