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Music to Brands’ Ears: Measuring the Effectiveness of Pandora Advertising

March 21, 2019 - By Nicole Loiacono, Sr. Manager, Marketing Programs, Nielsen Visual IQ

Music to Brands’ Ears: Measuring the Effectiveness of Pandora Advertising

What kind of music do you like? It depends on what you’re doing, right? Cooking dinner, drinks with friends, going for a run, putting the kids to sleep each need a different soundtrack.

Easy access to audio is something we’ve grown accustomed to. There simply have never been more ways to listen or more content available than today. And we love to listen—we spend over 32 hours a week tuning into music, according to Nielsen.

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Radio, the original audio channel, reaches more Americans (93%) than any other platform. Each week, more Americans tune into AM/FM radio than watch television, or use smartphones, tablets or computers.

U.S. adults are spending 10 hours and 30 minutes per day interacting with media across TV, TV-connected devices, radio, computers, smartphones, and tablets. Radio consistently accounts for between 15 and 18% of daily media use.

One reason radio maintains its broad reach is due to high use away from the home. Our cars are the most popular place to listen, with 65% of all non-home radio use. That number increases to 77% on weekends. Nearly one-third of non-home listening also occurs at work.

An Expanding Audio Universe

The audio market is expanding as a result of increased accessibility and emerging technology. Digital streaming offers us even more ways to listen. Smartphones are now used more than ever to stream audio content, while podcasts (19%) and satellite radio (16%) continue to gain prominence, according to the Nielsen Total Audience Report.

According to Nielsen’s latest MediaTech Trender, nearly a quarter of U.S. households (24%) own a smart speaker as of Q2 2018 and 43% of adults use an audio streaming service for music, radio and/or podcasts.

The digital revolution has liberated listeners from the bonds of ‘one-size-fits-all’ broadcast content. We count on our smartphones, smart speakers, and connected car radios to provide the soundtrack of our day.

As streaming continues to grow in popularity, the library of video and audio content is growing at an exponential rate. This has created new opportunities for marketers. As outlined in a Pandora blog post, “Through the combination of device, time of day and content choice, advertisers can target ‘life’s moments,’ and not just generic ages and genders.”

Measuring Pandora Advertising Effectiveness

Streaming Offers New Engagement Opportunities

To capitalize on these new engagement opportunities, marketers need to take this new cross-media world into consideration.

One relatively new platform is Pandora, the largest streaming music provider in the U.S. With an industry-leading digital audio advertising platform, it connects over 120 million users with the audio entertainment they love. Pandora advertisers have the opportunity to reach their audiences through the services’ many ad solutions including audio, video, display and sponsored content.

Pandora provides a highly-personalized listening experience with its proprietary Music Genome Project® and Podcast Genome Project® technology - whether at home or on the go - through its mobile app, the web, and integrations with more than 2,000 connected products.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Pandora Advertising

But how do you know if your advertising efforts with Pandora are effective? You can learn more at our April 4 webinar: Measuring the Effectiveness of Pandora Advertising.

Keri Degroote, SVP, Research & Analytics at Pandora, Tsvetan Tsvetkov, SVP, Marketing Effectiveness at Nielsen and Jeff Shatz, VP, Marketing Effectiveness at Nielsen will show you how to measure the marketing effectiveness of Pandora advertising.

Our expert speakers will also discuss findings from a recent client-commissioned marketing mix study and will share how Pandora drives positive ROAS and business impact for advertisers.

Register today to learn:

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  • Why marketing mix modeling plays a critical role in a modern performance measurement strategy
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Measuring Pandora Ad Effectiveness

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