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Nielsen and J&J to Present at NYC Attribution Accelerator

October 03, 2019 - By Nicole Loiacono, Sr. Manager, Marketing Programs, Nielsen

Nielsen and J&J to Present at NYC Attribution Accelerator

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has spent billions of dollars on traditional advertising such as TV, OOH and print. But digital advertising is changing the way CPG brands market their products. Projected CPG digital ad spend in the U.S. will grow to USD $11.03 billion this year.

In fact, digital outpaced traditional advertising as a share of total CPG spending for the first time in 2016, and digital's lead will only continue to grow, with brand marketers planning to spend almost 20% of their marketing budgets on digital versus only 13% on traditional advertising this year. 

CPG companies are meeting a generation of consumers who interact in new ways with established brands, some of which they’ve been using since childhood. They view ads, research products and shop differently than ever before. Connecting with these consumers successfully means leveraging digital, data and devices.

At this year’s Attribution Accelerator, industry experts from Nielsen and Johnson & Johnson will show CPG brands how they can improve their advertising and achieve better results.

How Audience-Based Targeting Drives Higher ROI

Digital advertising is changing the way CPG brands market their products. These companies know it’s important to reach consumers through online ads, but since they sell through retailers instead of directly to their consumers, it can be hard for them to make the best use of this channel. This is because CPG marketers often lack the data they need to understand how their online advertising affects in-store sales or which tactics are working best.

At the 2019 Attribution Accelerator in New York City, Nielsen and Johnson & Johnson attribution leaders will show CPG brands how they can address this issue. Dena Feiger, Director, Multi-Touch Attribution at Nielsen, and Stefan Jager, Advanced Analytics - Agile ROI at Johnson & Johnson, will share the findings from a multi-touch attribution analysis into what type of audience targeting data works best to drive volume and ROI.

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The session, “Put Your Money Where Your Consumer Is: How Audience-Based Targeting Drives Higher ROI,” will include results from an analysis of 750 digital advertising campaigns for over 30 CPG brands totaling $258M in online spend.

Feiger and Jager will also discuss how J&J has been able to utilize granular insights harnessed from attribution models to inform their marketing decisions and drive improved performance.  

Attendees will learn:

  • Why the type of data you use to target audiences matters
  • What type of data you should leverage to maximize ROI
  • How to utilize granular insights from MTA models
  • Recommendations for marketers for improving performance

The Future Of Measurement

Attribution Accelerator is a unique one-day forum designed and curated entirely by industry experts to spark conversation, fortify the science behind attribution, and inspire the industry to make further advances in the science of marketing measurement.

This year’s event, “The Future Of Marketing Measurement,” will focus on advanced attribution modeling, key solutions for measuring and managing ROI, and how brands and agencies can improve their advertising. 

Attribution Accelerator features presentations with brand marketers, technical experts, advertisers and martech pros, and media leaders.  Attendees will find out what's new in the realm of marketing measurement, be challenged and inspired while learning practical solutions for a more integrated approach.

Put Your Money Where Your Consumer Is: How Audience-Based Targeting Drives Higher ROI

Thursday, October 17 at 2:40pm
Main Stage, Attribution Accelerator Conference Venue, NYC

Dena Feiger

Director, Multi-Touch Attribution, Nielsen

Dena Feiger leads the Analytics Consulting team for Nielsen’s CPG Attribution Solution. In her role Dena works directly with advertisers to help them identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of their marketing investments through granular attribution measurement capabilities.

Stefan Jager

Advanced Analytics - Agile ROI – Global Strategic Insights & Analytics, Johnson & Johnson

Stefan Jager is a global business analytics executive and team leader specializing in advanced analytics for CPG and other categories. The Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies offers the world’s largest range of consumer healthcare products.


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