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Nielsen Visual IQ in the News - UK/EU Media

August 07, 2018 - By Ginna Hall, Senior Writer, Nielsen Visual IQ

Nielsen Visual IQ in the News - UK/EU Media

Nielsen Visual IQ and multi-touch attribution are in the media spotlight in the United Kingdom and the European Union, with editors from business and industry press writing about the challenges and opportunities of cross-channel attribution in the digital era.

Several outlets covered our new study, Solving the Marketer’s Dilemma How Data-Driven Decision Making Improves Budget Confidence and Results. The study looks at how B2C marketing decision-makers are managing budgets. It revealed a number of issues marketers face when allocating, measuring and adjusting budgets. One surprising finding: 3 in 5 marketers (60%) are not very confident in their team's ability to effectively allocate marketing budget.

In other coverage, Nielsen Visual IQ EU General Manager Vaness Tadier was a sought-after source of insight for many publications, sharing her insights into how marketers can improve their marketing effectiveness. Read on to see more articles in the EU media.

June / July 2018 Nielsen Visual IQ Media Coverage - UK/EU

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60% of marketers not confident in budget allocation


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