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Nielsen Visual IQ and TUI Group Nominated for The Drum Awards

May 03, 2018 - By Ginna Hall, Senior Writer, Visual IQ

Nielsen Visual IQ and TUI Group Nominated for The Drum Awards

Visual IQ, a Nielsen company and the leading provider of marketing intelligence software, has been shortlisted for The Drum’s Digital Trading Awards in the Best Attribution Solution category. This is Visual IQ’s fourth nomination in five years. ​The winners will be announced at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge in London, on May 31, 2018.

​The company was nominated for “Attribution in a Paid Social World” along with the world’s largest travel group, TUI, which is leveraging Nielsen’s Visual IQ Platform to understand the true value of its paid social investments within its wider marketing and advertising mix.

“It’s a great achievement to be named a finalist for the fourth time by The Drum Digital Trading Awards. The announcement underlines our continuous efforts to help customers get the most out of their marketing and advertising investments, including harder to measure channels like Facebook,” said Manu Mathew, Co-founder and CEO of Visual IQ. “It’s an exciting time, and we’re thrilled we were able to help TUI understand the effectiveness of its Facebook spend in a way that was never before possible.”

Digital Has Transformed the Travel Industry

Travelers rely more than ever on digital channels and platforms for all of their needs, from researching destinations to booking flights, car rentals, and accomodations. These statistics show how digital has transformed both the lives of travelers and the companies that service them.

  • Today, 60 percent of leisure travelers and 41 percent of business travelers make arrangements via the internet.
  • Online revenue for the travel industry is growing, with spend expected to hit $98 billion.
  • HuffPost reports that over 95 percent of leisure travelers read at least seven reviews before booking their holidays.
  • Nielsen research found that travelers spent an average of 53 days visiting 28 different websites over a period of 76 online sessions, with more than 50 percent of travelers checking social media for travel tips.
  • Travel is mentioned 14 million times every month on social media (more social mentions than Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift combined).

Serving the Largest Travel Company in the World

TUI Group is the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world, providing 20 million customers with holiday experiences in 180 regions. Its portfolio includes tour operators, 1,600 travel agencies and leading online portals, six airlines, 325 hotels, 15 cruise liners and agencies in all major destinations around the globe.

Prior to implementing the Nielsen Visual IQ platform, TUI struggled to understand the role that Facebook played in influencing and informing the decision journey of its customers. Many companies face this challenge because of the social media platform’s cookie-tracking limitations.

Leveraging the multi-touch attribution capabilities in Nielsen’s Visual IQ Platform, including its unique ability to integrate previously untracked Facebook advertising impressions, TUI was able to get a more accurate and complete view of each consumer’s journey, and discover Facebook’s true impact on conversions. This robust reporting enabled TUI to justifiably increase its investments in Facebook, while driving tremendous reach, revenue growth, and efficiency.

​The analysis revealed that Facebook paid social activity plays a staggering role, contributing to +554 percent more revenue when properly attributed in TUI’s marketing and media mix. TUI was also able to identify opportunities for optimization at the placement and creative level that drove significant improvements in cost per acquisition.

The Drum Digital Trading Awards

About The Drum Digital Trading Awards

The Drum Digital Trading Awards recognize and highlight the best examples of digital trading in practice. The Drum aims to reward those who can show that what they do, day in and day out, works for their clients and themselves. Now in its fifth year in the UK, the award is one of the most respected and sought-after accolades in the industry.

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