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Marketing Effectiveness: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

January 02, 2019 - By Ginna Hall, Senior Content Writer, Nielsen Visual IQ

Marketing Effectiveness: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

It’s been another banner year of growth here at Nielsen Visual IQ. As an integrated company, we combine Nielsen’s unmatched data access and scale in marketing mix modeling with Visual IQ’s daily multi-touch attribution capabilities.

This allows us to offer holistic measurement solutions, so brand and agency marketers have access to the right performance insights, at exactly the right time to support any marketing decision. This also puts us in a unique position to produce innovative research studies that leverage our partnerships, data and attribution expertise.

Two standout reports from 2018 include Quantifying the Value of Snap Advertising and Solving the Marketer's Dilemma.

As an inaugural Snap MMM Partner, Nielsen has been at the forefront of incorporating data from Snapchat into marketing mix models for advertisers. Our ebook covers the unique nuances and challenges of Snapchat advertising; shares results from a marketing mix study in a leading consumer category; and gives four best practices for incorporating Snap data into marketing mix models.

The second report dives into data-driven decision making and how it can improve budget confidence and results. A Nielsen survey found that less than half of respondents (40%) feel very confident in their team’s ability to determine the most effective way to allocate their marketing budget. Our report reveals how marketers are planning their budgets today, and how they can do better.

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

On the marketing front, we continued to receive significant media coverage and our blog hit its stride in its second year. We connected with more readers and continued to provide relevant and useful posts on all things attribution-related.

Want to see what your fellow marketers were interested in? Here’s list of the 10 most-viewed blog posts from last year.

1. Why You Need a Data Taxonomy

Our most popular post of the year was about a little understood topic: taxonomy. In marketing attribution, taxonomy refers to hierarchical classifications and naming conventions for touchpoint dimensions. This post describes why a data taxonomy is important and how it can help you organize your data in a way that makes sense for your business.

2. From the Front Lines: 8 Best Practices for Implementing Multi-Touch Attribution

We’ve partnered with some of the largest global brands to implement our multi-touch attribution platform and have seen both the benefits and the challenges of a successful implementation. Here are some of the key findings from our experience with premier companies.

3. Using Pixels and Tags in the Wake of DoubleClick Cookie Limits

Google made news in April when it announced significant changes to the way it will handle DoubleClick data as part of its GDPR compliance efforts. Here’s how you can use pixels and tags to reduce attribution disruption.

4. 7 Steps to True Cross-Channel Measurement

Tracking, measuring and optimizing marketing activity across an ever-growing number of touchpoints can be difficult – especially when channels are managed in silos and analyzed using outdated measurement techniques. This post shows how you can manage today’s complex consumer journeys.

5. How Marketing Data Analytics Drives Decision Making in Healthcare

Big data is creating enormous opportunities not only to improve patient outcomes and manage costs, but also advance marketing efforts. Organizations that can combine data, analytics and strategy will be able to implement processes that change the way they operate, for the better.

6. Nielsen's Head of Analytics Speaks About the Future of Attribution

In an interview in MediaVillage, Matthew Krepsik, Global Head of Analytics, Nielsen, described the evolution of an industry and the current challenges and solutions around multi-touch attribution.

7. 3 Ways Brands Can Prepare for Consumers of the Future

In a new report, Nielsen describes a global phenomenon it calls “the quest for convenience.” By understanding what drives convenience across various marketplaces, companies can rethink assumptions, refine strategies, and develop proactive plans to satisfy consumer demand in this new era.

8. How Chobani Closed the Loop Between Measurement & Activation

At the Attribution Accelerator conference, Justine Landschulz, Senior Strategist, Digital, Social, Editorial at Chobani, and Brian Hyland, VP Marketing Effectiveness at Nielsen, took the stage to share how the leading Greek yogurt brand leverages attribution measurement.

9. Preparing for Attribution: How to Build a Data Taxonomy

This taxonomy post is the second to land in the top ten (see #1 above). Taxonomies differ across organizations, and there is no right or wrong way to define your taxonomy. Here are four steps to help you build a taxonomy that maps to your business’ unique terminology and needs.

10. Getting the Data You Need with Cookies, Pixels and IDs

Digital technology, mobile devices and wireless broadband have created a world in which each consumer follows their own unique path-to-purchase for every product or service. This post describes how today’s sophisticated analytics platforms actually track individual touchpoints.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the growth of our blog. We look forward to bringing you more insights about how you can improve your marketing effectiveness in 2019.

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