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Top Takeaways from DMEXCO 2017

October 05, 2017 - By Wayne St. Amand, CMO, Visual IQ

Top Takeaways from DMEXCO 2017

Earlier this month, Visual IQ joined marketers from around the world at DMEXCO 2017, Europe’s largest Digital Marketing Expo and Conference in Cologne, Germany. This year’s conference had over 1,100 exhibitors, 40,700 attendees, and 570 speakers.

​It was a blizzard of all things digital — impressive speakers, networking events, sessions and demos—and a great chance to meet other digital tech professionals, including many of our partners.

CEO and Co-Founder Manu Mathew and I geared up for a week of learning, and it was even better than we expected. [Here’s what I was looking forward to.] I spent most of my time in our booth and had the pleasure of meeting customers from all over Europe and working alongside our European team.

DMEXCO 2017 was an exciting place to unveil our new Marketing Intelligence Platform, a next-generation solution that combines audience demographic and behavioral attributes with tactical marketing performance in a single user interface.

As you can imagine, I saw many other new technologies and tactics at the show, some actionable and some in the “someday in the future” category. Here are some of my key observations of DMEXCO 2017.

A Focus On Measurement

PerformanceIN’s Mark Jones interviewed ten attendees (including me) about our top takeaways. I found that measurement continues to be a key focus of DMEXCO. Sheryl Sandberg’s keynote address placed great attention on this issue – given the social media giant’s leaps in addressing the lack of third-party measurement data available on its platform in recent months.

It’s been a vital turnaround for marketers, who have long been pushing data owners to break down the barriers to consumer information as they find themselves under increasing pressure to justify spend and boost ROI.

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After the conference, I found that there were some common themes that resonated with me. Here are the top takeaways from three other influencers.

Takeaways For Advertisers

In his article in The Drum, Gavin Stirrat, managing director at Voluum, described five key issues that dominated the conference for marketers and industry professionals:

Gavin Stirrat, Voluum

1. Diversity, or lack thereof: One third of the speakers on the main stages were women this year, which is an increase from last year, but the conference still felt largely white and male.

2. Working with brands directly versus agencies: Brands are more involved in understanding tech but this creates challenges for agencies and for vendors, some of whom may find that working with brands directly brings demands that they may not be staffed up for.

3. Advertising Standards: The majority of the big keynote presentations highlighted the need to continue to promote ad standards and brand safety.

4. Navigating the hall: The show has continued to grow rapidly and the size of the space means that larger ad tech companies were separated from many smaller ones, with low foot traffic for those on the fringes.

5. Artificial Intelligence: The hot industry trend of ‘AI’ was discussed at length by attendees, but it still feels like more of a buzzword than an actual benefit to the industry.

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The European Perspective

Acxiom UK’s Jed Mole, European marketing director, shared his key trends for advertisers in EMEA.

Jed Mole, Acxiom UK

1. GDPR is very hot on our heels. It’s time to shift from talking to doing.

2. Data is in everything and is everywhere. To connect people, not just to devices but to experiences, companies need to make data people-based.

3. Identity means people-based. We must put privacy first, yet identity drives the best experiences.

4. The pace of innovation continues to outstrip consolidation. Integrating at the data layer, not the tech layer, is the only way that we can ensure data-driven marketing works.

5. Globalization continues in marketing, with more international brands, agencies, platforms and vendors.

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Insights For Brands

Event Marketing Manager Marion Jourdan from Olapic weighed in with three takeaways with a visual perspective.

Marion Jourdan, Olapic

1. Put people at the centre of your digital transformation: Listening to consumers and designing efforts to address their needs is paramount, but brands need to also prioritize their employee growth and development if they want to succeed in the future of customer marketing.

2. Technology is the foundation of storytelling: With the impact of ad-blocking, the rise of programmatic ads, and the decreasing attention span of online users, it has become clear that consumers need more from brands to truly capture their attention.

3. Insights from the Instagram community: Instagram represents an enormous potential for businesses to captivate an audience with images, experiences, and ideas that inspire users to take action.

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Meeting Face To Face

DMEXCO 2017 brought together thought leaders, influencers, marketing and media pros, techies and creators of the global digital economy. In an industry that thrives on innovation, it was nice to do some old school connecting to share tactics, trends, strategies, and successes.

I think the most important takeaway may be that brands must not only listen to our customers, but to our employees and to each other to fully embrace the potential of these next-generation technologies. Let me know your top takeaway from DMEXCO 2017!

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Wayne St. Amand, CMO, Visual IQ

Wayne St. Amand, Visual IQ

Wayne St. Amand is the chief marketing officer of Visual IQ. He oversees the marketing of the company’s marketing intelligence platform, including product marketing strategy, demand generation, branding, PR, analyst relations and sales enablement activities. Find him on Twitter at @WayneSaint.

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