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UK Recruiting Group Totaljobs Chooses Nielsen’s Visual IQ Platform

March 21, 2018 - By Ginna Hall, Senior Writer, Visual IQ

UK Recruiting Group Totaljobs Chooses Nielsen’s Visual IQ Platform

Searching for a job or finding the right candidate to fill an open position can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Recently, digital transformation has disrupted the recruiting industry, with more employers and individuals shifting their search online. Over 18.5 billion people are hired from online job posting annually.

One of the leaders in the online recruitment space, Totaljobs, has selected Nielsen’s Visual IQ solution as its multi-touch attribution platform. Totaljobs will use the marketing intelligence derived from the solution to better focus marketing investment and engage customers and jobseekers in more relevant and meaningful ways.

“Without a comprehensive view of the consumer journey, it can be difficult to find data that justifies spending marketing budget on tactics higher up the conversion funnel,” said Mallory McManus, Head of Traffic Analytics, Totaljobs. “Our partnership with Nielsen Visual IQ will enable us to better see how clients are interacting with our brand across all channels, devices and touchpoints, and help us optimize our spend to meet our campaign objectives while delivering the most impactful experiences to our customers and candidates.”

UK's leading job board Totaljobs

Founded in 1999, Totaljobs is based in London with offices in Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Glasgow. Totaljobs attracts twelve million visits and three million applications from qualified job seekers every month. The job board is popular with employers as well, with 130,000 new companies registering each month with an average of 170,000 new jobs. Registered companies include Amazon, Sky, Virgin Media, DHL and many others.

Achieving Talent Success

Totaljobs helps organizations achieve talent success by recruiting the best customers and candidates for the job. Previously, the company relied on a siloed, last-click measurement approach that made it difficult to track the cross-channel, cross-device consumer journey or identify the synergies between channels and tactics.

By consolidating and de-duplicating its performance, cost and audience attribute data into the Nielsen Visual IQ platform, Totaljobs will gain actionable intelligence into how its marketing initiatives are performing at granular levels, so it can optimize accordingly.

Totaljobs will also leverage the Nielsen Visual IQ platform’s predictive analytics capabilities to test future spend level scenarios, as well as its programmatic platform integrations to improve real-time optimization effectiveness. The company will look to expand its use of the platform to gain a clear understanding of how its digital marketing and advertising influences offline behavior.

“We are delighted to be working with Totaljobs to help them achieve their marketing goals efficiently and effectively,” said Vanessa Tadier, General Manager Europe at Visual IQ. “The path to conversion isn’t a straight, predictable line, especially in today’s digital age, and companies must have access to actionable, real-time marketing intelligence if they want to reach customers effectively and drive meaningful business results. We are looking forward to working closely with the Totaljobs team to ensure they reap the benefits of attribution to the fullest.”

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