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Nielsen Visual IQ Launches Customer Webinar Series

April 17, 2018 - By Theresa Colarusso, Senior Vice President, Customer Success, Visual IQ

Nielsen Visual IQ Launches Customer Webinar Series

Successful martech vendors understand that they can’t sit back and wait for customers to discover the value of their product. They also can’t rely on busy marketers to educate themselves on its value. And the more sophisticated a platform is, the greater the value it has when used correctly.

Both B2B and B2C organizations are finding that learning can help strengthen customer relationships. Research shows that more than half (54%) of organizations are doing some sort of training for customers and/or business partners.

For these reasons and more, I’m pleased to share that Nielsen Visual IQ has launched a new customer webinar series: “Engage.” The series will cover best practices and product updates for our customer base on the topics that matter most to them.

“We’ve designed the webinar series to build our customer’s skills and familiarity with the platform so they can take advantage of untapped potential and get the most from their investment.”

Many technology companies neglect customer education at their peril, since customers who do not recognize the full value of a product are less likely to become devoted users and ambassadors. Our goal is to make it easier for our customers to find and use clear, relevant, actionable information throughout their relationship with us.

We’ve designed our courses to do six things:

  1. Improve understanding of our platform and enable customers to extract maximum value.
  2. Empower customers to unlock the platform’s full potential for their specific situation.
  3. Give customers the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the most efficient way possible.
  4. Reveal alternate ways to use features to make it easier and save time.
  5. Show our commitment to our customers’ success.
  6. Give us more insight into how customers use the platform

Revealing Everything Customers Can Do on the Platform

“Engage” is a series of live and recorded webinars led by Nielsen Visual IQ leadership and subject matter experts. Customers can attend the live webinars and/or view recordings when it’s convenient for them. Webinars will be held approximately every six weeks. Customers can view the "Engage Calendar" to see all webinars scheduled for 2018 and register in advance.

Vijay Sankar, Product Marketing Manager, Visual IQ said, “We’ve designed the webinar series to build our customer’s skills and familiarity with the platform so they can take advantage of untapped potential and get the most from their investment.”

This customer training will empower our customers to use our platform to its full capacity. We will also survey customers to assess their needs and interests so that we can continue to provide training that best meets their current status.

The series kicked off with two introductory webinars:

"Welcome to Visual IQ”

Theresa Colarusso, Senior VP, Customer Success, presented an overview of Nielsen’s Visual IQ platform.

“Effective Adoption of Multi-touch Attribution”

Jared Robbins, Director of Analytics, and Wendy McClintock, Director of Customer Success, discussed key strategies for driving the adoption of multi-touch attribution.

Comprehensive Customer Support and Education

True customer success is built on an ongoing relationship that involves multiple channels, tools and resources over the entire life of a customer engagement. The webinar series is merely one facet of a comprehensive customer success strategy focused on driving business value for our customers.

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