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Visual IQ Shortlisted in Two Categories for the M&M Global Awards 2017

July 28, 2017 - Anne Curtin, Sr. Director of Marketing, Visual IQ

Visual IQ Shortlisted in Two Categories for the M&M Global Awards 2017

​At Visual IQ, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been shortlisted in two categories in the 2017 M&M Global Awards for our work with Facebook and O2.

Leading marketing intelligence provider shortlisted for Best Use of Data and Technology & Telecommunications categories of prestigious award.

​Last year, we announced a pivotal partnership with Facebook that enables marketers to understand the performance of Facebook in relation to other advertising investments in ways never before possible. By combining Facebook’s people-based insights with the multi-touch attribution capabilities within Visual IQ’s Marketing Intelligence platform, marketers can now quantify the true effectiveness and ROI of their Facebook spend, and understand how the social platform works in combination with other channels and tactics to drive specific KPIs for each type of audience.

Through the partnership, Visual IQ launched a pilot program with digital communications provider O2, and its agency partner Havas, that has enjoyed significant acclaim. Shortlisted for Best Attribution Solution in The Drum’s Digital Trading Awards earlier in the year, it has now been shortlisted in the Best Use of Data and Technology & Telecommunications categories in the M&M Global Awards.


​For years, O2 has leveraged the multi-touch attribution capabilities within the Visual IQ platform to analyze consumer behavior across channels and devices and understand the impact of its digital marketing campaigns. However, third-party tracking requirements on Facebook historically prevented the company from being able to incorporate Facebook advertising impression data into its performance measurement. Visual IQ’s partnership with the social media giant addressed this limitation, enabling O2 to understand the full effect of their Facebook ad spend on sales, how their Facebook ads impact their other media, and the relevancy of these ads to their target customers.

​The pilot not only revealed that Facebook was a key component of O2’s marketing and media strategy, but also uncovered its value down to a granular level. The team saw converter rates improve by 16% to as high as 123% when Facebook Custom Audience placements were used in combination with other digital channels, such as affiliates, paid social and paid search. Additionally, the pilot revealed the importance of people-based marketing and the efficiency gains driven by Facebook. When Custom Audience impressions were included in the broader tactical mix, O2 saw a 52% improvement in cost efficiency for new customer acquisition, and a 38% improvement for existing customers.

​The M&M Global Awards reward the very best in international media and marketing from the past year. The winners will be announced at the M&M Global Awards ceremony on September 7, 2017, at the Natural History Museum, London.

Read more about how how Visual IQ helped O2 and Havas uncover the true performance of Facebook advertising.

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