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X Selects Visual IQ’s Marketing Intelligence Platform

Leading Online Retailer to Tap Visual IQ’s Platform for Audience-Based Performance Analysis

NEEDHAM, Mass.– Dec. 12, 2017 - Visual IQ, a Nielsen company, today announced that, a leading online seller of custom kitchen cabinets, has selected its Marketing Intelligence Platform. The retailer will use Visual IQ’s platform to measure and optimize the performance of its marketing and advertising at each stage of the consumer journey.

CliqStudios was founded as an alternative to traditional kitchen dealerships and home improvement stores. Its custom cabinets are an infrequent, highly considered purchase that require the marketing team to be hyper focused on the channels and tactics that are generating awareness and demand. Yet its existing measurement approach yielded few actionable insights amid evolving consumer behaviors and an ever-changing media landscape.

Visual IQ’s Marketing Intelligence Platform combines audience attribute data with attribution in a single user interface, so marketers can optimize marketing and advertising performance by audience segment. The platform’s unique multi-touch attribution capabilities, including its daily modeling cadence and ability to integrate direct mail and Facebook advertising impressions, will provide CliqStudios with a more holistic view of the consumer journey and the channels, campaigns and tactics that are most effective for each audience. The retailer can then use these real-time insights to make timely, cost-efficient and granular optimizations that drive consumer actions and conversions at every stage of the funnel.

“Consumer behaviors are changing every day – what worked last year or even last month may not work today. As we continue to scale and grow our business, we needed a solution that would provide us with real-time insight into the tactics that are resonating with key audiences, so we can make agile and timely changes,” said Jay Swenson, Vice President of Marketing, CliqStudios. “Visual IQ’s platform will enable us to make the most of our company’s passion for data and be dialed in to the factors that are creating the best experiences for our customers, and the greatest returns for our business.”

“In the competitive retail landscape, it’s critically important that brands are putting their best-performing marketing in front of the people that matter most,” said Manu Mathew, CEO and co-founder, Visual IQ. “We’re delighted to be working with CliqStudios and look forward to helping them improve performance as they continue to expand their marketing strategies going forward.” CliqStudios joins a growing list of forward-thinking retailers, including Lamps Plus and Petco, that have selected Visual IQ for their marketing intelligence needs.

About Visual IQ

Visual IQ, a Nielsen company (NYSE: NLSN), is the world’s leading marketing intelligence software provider. Leveraging its rich history of marketing attribution expertise, the company provides a single platform for analyzing consumer profiles in combination with tactical marketing performance across all channels and devices. By combining the power of audience and attribution, its Marketing Intelligence Platform provides the real-time insight brands and agencies need to optimize marketing and advertising performance by audience segment and drive the online and offline success metrics they care about most. Visual IQ can be reached at or by visiting