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Nielsen Visual IQ, H&R Block and The Economist to Address Marketing Measurement at the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

​NEEDHAM, Mass. – May 8, 2018 – Manu Mathew, the CEO of Visual IQ, a Nielsen company, will speak at the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference next week alongside Amy Hu, vice president of interactive marketing and online experiences at H&R Block and Iain Noakes, chief customer journey officer at The Economist. The session, “Marketing Effectiveness: A Conversation with H&R Block and The Economist,” will take place on May 15 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego.

What: This session will explore how H&R Block and The Economist are addressing marketing measurement, what the future of marketing measurement and optimization looks like, and how Nielsen and Visual IQ are changing the way that marketers are effectively optimizing paid media budgets across consumer touchpoints while delivering coordinated messages and experiences that maximize results.

Why: Historically, when marketers are searching for performance measurement tools, they often choose between multi-touch attribution (MTA) models that offer speed and granularity, or marketing mix models (MMM) that offer scale and coverage. While both methodologies provide valuable insights into marketing performance, what would the world of marketing measurement look like if marketers were able to bring the two together, and how would it affect budgets and planning? With Nielsen’s recent acquisition of Visual IQ, that world is now possible, and H&R Block and The Economist are just two leading brands that are taking advantage of it.

Who: Mathew is responsible for driving growth and expanding the capabilities in Nielsen’s Visual IQ Platform to help brands discover the tactics and audiences behind their best-performing marketing. Hu drives the program strategy, integration and execution of, and Noakes is responsible for optimizing The Economist’s media spend and activity across channels by understanding the holistic customer journey to drive returns on its marketing investments.

When: The session will take place on Tuesday, May 15 from 12:00-12:45 p.m. PT in room Seaport F at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego.

Where: The Gartner Digital Marketing Conference, taking place from May 15-17 in San Diego, provides the insights senior marketing leaders need to drive strategic decision-making and revenue growth with a customer-centric strategy at heart. More details, including registration information, can be found on the event website. In addition to participating in this session, Visual IQ will be exhibiting at booth #106.

About Visual IQ, a Nielsen company

Visual IQ, a Nielsen company, is the world’s leading marketing intelligence software provider. Leveraging its rich history of marketing attribution expertise, the company provides a single platform for analysing consumer profiles in combination with tactical marketing performance across all channels and devices. By combining the power of audience and attribution, its Marketing Intelligence solutions provide the real-time insight brands and agencies need to optimise marketing and advertising performance by audience segment and drive the online and offline success metrics they care about most. Visual IQ can be reached at or by visiting