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Marketing Intelligence Software Provider Visual IQ Introduces First-Ever Attribution-Enabled Predictive Analytics Solution with IQ Sage

Innovative New Offering Predicts Performance and Provides Optimal Media Planning Recommendations

Needham, MA – October 20, 2008 - Cross channel marketing attribution software provider Visual IQ today announced the availability of its new IQ Sage software product, a first-of-of-its-kind cross channel predictive analytics solution. IQ Sage utilizes historical marketing performance data that’s been run through its proprietary TrueAttribution process to predict future performance and produce customized media plans with the optimal mix of channels and tactics needed to maximize marketing return on investment.

The newest component of the company’s IQ Intelligence Suite that already includes IQ Envoy, IQ Sage enables marketers and their agencies to model potential changes to campaign strategies, media tactics and channel mix in a virtual environment. Using “what if?” marketing scenario exploration functionality, marketers can predict the performance impact of reallocating media spend across different tactics prior to making changes to actual online and offline marketing programs, or allow the product to calculate and deliver the “ideal” media plan based on its models.

“Marketers and agencies are regularly asked to forecast future marketing performance or justify requests for additional budget,” said Manu Mathew, Visual IQ co-founder and CEO. “IQ Sage solves this predictive analytics challenge by recommending the optimal mix of channels and tactics that will produce the greatest return. With this insight, marketers can make optimization decisions faster, and justify media spend with more confidence and more accuracy.”

IQ Sage uses state-of the art algorithmic attribution modeling to predict results based on marketing performance and CRM data that’s fed into the software, as well as exogenous data that has an impact on clients’ marketplace conditions like time of year, economic indicators, weather, etc. Marketers can run as many scenarios as they wish using their own success metrics in a safe, “pre-launch” simulation mode, and then use that intelligence to fine tune their marketing mix, offers and creative to optimize performance.

IQ Sage has recently been adopted by a number of Visual IQ clients in the retail, financial services, telecommunications and insurance industries.

About Visual IQ

Visual IQ produces the world’s most powerful cross channel marketing intelligence software products. Our hosted IQ Intelligence Suite reveals cross channel performance insights hidden within companies’ marketing data, driving actionable recommendations to improve marketing effectiveness.

These enable marketers and agencies to adjust their advertising strategies and tactics to significantly increase marketing ROI across their entire marketing mix. The state of the art science behind our marketing software products combines a user-friendly visual interface with built-in advanced attribution management and predictive modeling that clearly shows clients where opportunities exist for marketing optimization.