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Understand Your Target Audience

Do you have trouble creating a 360-degree view of your customers and prospects?

Create robust audience profiles

Optimizing marketing efforts in the age of the empowered consumer means understanding who your customers and prospects are, and the channels, devices and tactics that are most effective in engaging and converting them. Yet the disparate systems and outdated measurement techniques you’re using to manage your marketing and advertising makes it difficult to get a comprehensive, 360-degree view. Without the ability to analyze marketing and advertising performance in combination with customer and prospect attributes, you can’t create specific, high-value audiences to target, or deliver tailored messages and experiences to meet their unique needs and preferences.

Visual IQ makes obtaining a single view of customers and prospects easy. Using a people-based identification approach, our platform de-duplicates individuals across channels, devices and online-to-offline environments and links those anonymous, unique IDs with demographic, intent, interest and other audience attribute data to create robust audience profiles. These profiles are then integrated with robust multi-touch attribution to provide an unparalleled view of marketing and advertising performance by audience segment.


  • TV Attribution
  • Multi-Touch Attribution
  • MMM


  • Demographic
  • DMP Integrations
  • CRM Integrations


  • Predictive Analysis
  • MTA Distribution
  • BID Management

Audience + attribution in a single platform

With the combined power of audience insight and attribution within a single, intuitive user interface, you gain clarity into which channels and tactics influence a specific audience, and the actionable intelligence you need to optimize paid media budgets and deliver the relevant marketing messages and experiences that drive meaningful business results.

Discover how Visual IQ delivers the consolidated audience-based performance insights you need to optimize budgets and experiences.