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Data Driven Marketing

Do you need an accurate and holistic view of your marketing and advertising performance?

Regain control over data chaos

As a marketer, you’re probably feeling the pain of wrangling data from multiple marketing and advertising technologies – not to mention the seemingly infinite variety of device types. When your marketing and advertising channels are managed separately, using siloed systems and channel-specific strategies, tactics and metrics, gaining an accurate and holistic view of performance can feel impossible to master.

Press pause for a second. Imagine a platform that makes it incredibly simple to collect your audience and performance data, analyze marketing and advertising tactics on combination with customer and prospect attributes, optimize budgets, and deliver coordinated experiences, seamlessly? Enter Visual IQ.


  • TV Attribution
  • Multi-Touch Attribution
  • MMM


  • Demographic
  • DMP Integrations
  • CRM Integrations


  • Predictive Analysis
  • MTA Distribution
  • Bid Management

Channel silos gone for good

Our Marketing Intelligence Platform harnesses and corrals your data so it’s easy to manage, track, analyze and optimize your marketing and advertising performance by audience segment. From the big picture all the way down to the granular details of every campaign, you’ll see how every channel and tactic influences a specific audience, when and to what extent, so you can orchestrate the optimal customer experience, and optimize your spend within and across channels to drive conversions, brand engagement, revenue and other desired success criteria.

Learn more about how Visual IQ’s platform can turn your disparate data into actionable, audience-driven intelligence.