Predict performance & take immediate action on insights

Test Your Marketing & Media Plans Before You Execute

You’re operating in two aspects of reality: what is and what could be. You need a clear picture of past performance, and the insights to forecast the outcome of unlimited “what if?” scenarios. With Visual IQ’s Marketing Intelligence Platform, you can have both. Use the platform’s predictive analytics capabilities to test multiple scenarios and forecast performance against different marketing objectives before you execute. Once you’ve selected a mix of channels and tactics that meet your goals within your defined budget, a single click of a button delivers your optimal marketing plan.

Accelerate Time to Market

When it comes to marketing, speed matters. Your ability to quickly capitalize on optimization opportunities is key to better performance, better consumer experiences, and better business results. With Visual IQ, you can immediately turn MTA insights into action. Leveraging a host of certified partner integrations, our platform sends your daily multi-touch attribution (MTA) metrics directly into your automated bidding & buying platforms to improve their real-time optimization—so you can refocus your time on more strategic and creative marketing tasks.

Optimize Paid Search Campaigns Based on MTA Insights

Paid search requires ongoing bid management to ensure you are maximizing your budget most effectively – whether it’s pausing keywords, adjusting max bid values, or optimizing creative rotations. The Visual IQ platform’s bid management module makes this easy and effective by recommending bid adjustments based on MTA insights. Uncover the keywords and creatives that are working best, and seamlessly adjust your bids directly within the interface to push optimizations live in Google AdWords, Bing and Yandex.