Analyze the consumer journey & discover what’s working best for each audience

Transform Your Disparate Data Into Audience-Driven Intelligence With Multi-Touch Attribution

Bring transparency to your marketing and advertising efforts by audience segment. Visual IQ’s Marketing Intelligence Platform collects and de-duplicates performance, cost and audience attribute data from your addressable marketing channels and devices in real-time. Once collected, you have the flexibility to define your own rules-based attribution model (First-Touch, Even-Weighting, Position-Based, etc.), or use a more sophisticated, algorithmic model (Enhanced, TrueAttribution) to measure the influence of every addressable channel and tactic on multiple success metrics by audience.

Increase the Value of Your TV Spend With TV Attribution

If you invest in TV advertising, understanding its impact on viewer behavior is a must. Whether you’re buying spots during high-profile events like the Super Bowl or targeting more niche audiences through cable networks, TV Attribution takes the guesswork out of assessing the immediate impact of your TV ads and determining which elements of your TV buys (network, program, daypart, etc.) will drive the greatest digital response.

Make Smarter Strategic Investments Across All Channels With Marketing Mix Modeling

Your marketing budget is precious. But with so many ways to reach consumers, it’s hard to know what’s working. With Nielsen Visual IQ, you can make smarter decisions that enhance your return, while accounting for competitive, seasonal and other exogenous factors that can impact performance. Use Nielsen’s Marketing Mix Models (MMM) to understand past trends and predict the future effect of marketing tactics on sales, and optimize budget allocation across channels, brands, and regions. Once allocated, use the platform’s multi-touch attribution capabilities to track the performance and spend of your addressable channels in real-time against the predicted outcome of your MMM model.