Get a holistic, 360-degree view of your customers and prospects

Measure Marketing Performance By Demographic Segment

Mastering the consumer experience means knowing who your customers and prospects are, what they like and how they behave. That’s why we’ve made audience attributes a core feature of our Marketing Intelligence Platform. Using a people-based identification approach, it de-duplicates individuals and their consumer journeys across channels, devices and digital and physical environments. It then links the associated demographic attributes to the individual using anonymous IDs. When these robust consumer profiles are combined with multi-touch attribution, you get clarity into the messages and tactics that drive the best results – and the best experiences – for each audience, across every channel and every screen.

Increase the Value of Your Audience-Based Measurement By Integrating First-Party Segments

In addition to demographic attributes, you can also leverage the platform’s data management platform (DMP) adapters to easily integrate additional types of audience data. Integrate your own first-party audience segments, such as high value customers, loyalty shoppers, and more. Or integrate advanced third-party attributes, such as B2B, interest, and intent, from our DMP partners to understand performance against the audiences that are most critical to your business.