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Sky Italia Optimizes Cross Channel Marketing Performance With Advanced Data-Driven Insights

Sky Italia Optimizes Cross Channel Marketing Performance With Advanced Data-Driven Insights

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Sky Italia is the leading pay TV provider in Italy, with a comprehensive product offering that includes MySky, HD, 3D Multivision, Sky Go and On Demand. With a brand built on innovation and advanced technology, the company applies these same values to its marketing measurement and optimization strategies in order to maximize subscriptions of its television and premium content service packages.


Sky Italia’s board of directors had set ambitious online sales targets, both in terms of acquiring new customers, as well as up-selling and cross-selling existing customers. In an effort to meet these targets, marketers at the company and their agency partners were executing a combination of brand and direct response campaigns across a variety of channels, including online display, paid and organic search, paid and organic social, email, video, and mobile. But with each channel being measured and optimized in silos using flawed, last-click metrics, the team wasn’t able to understand the true contribution of each channel, campaign and tactic in driving conversions, or make accurate predictions of what particular marketing expenditures and interactions would produce what results.

To improve sales forecasts and drive greater efficiencies in marketing spend, Sky Italia needed to adopt a more advanced, data-driven measurement approach that would enable them to better understand the synergies between channels, as well as identify the optimal combination of upper and lower funnel tactics for stimulating demand and increasing conversions. Visual IQ, known for its robust solution, state-of-the-art marketing science, and data-driven forecasting capabilities, was a perfect fit for the role.


More effectively allocate media spend to improve performance and increase sales volume at the most efficient cost per sale.


Visual IQ’s staff of experienced analytics and marketing experts provided the end-to-end support Sky Italia needed to replace its outdated last click measurement model with advanced cross channel attribution and ultimately, meet and exceed their performance goals. Using Visual IQ’s IQ Intelligence Suite of products to consolidate performance data from multiple channels into a single user interface, perform attribution, and predict the optimal combination of tactics for future marketing efforts, Sky Italia was able to:

  • Leverage a multi-dimensional, algorithmic modeling approach that tracks both converters and non-converters and accurately assigns fractional conversion credit to 100% of its in-market media. As a result, Sky Italia is able to make better budget allocation decisions at the most granular level.
  • Break down organizational silos and foster trust and collaboration among its marketers and agency partners by providing a single, holistic view of cross channel marketing performance and a clear view into how marketing investments are driving sales.
  • Uncover the true incremental value of every touchpoint on the path to conversion and reallocate budget to the tactics that produce the best return. For instance, when it was revealed that its affiliate and search channels were driving 40% less conversions than originally believed, Sky was able to adjust its budget investments to the most profitable media assets and tactics.
  • Gain insight into how investments in upper-funnel marketing tactics such as video and programmatic display help stimulate demand and expand the funnel. For example, increased investment in programmatic display was shown to drive 10X greater performance than standard display.
  • Free up marketing budget for testing new combinations of channels and tactics geared toward driving sales volume and achieving the most efficient cost per sale.
  • Accurately forecast sales performance for the board of directors, as well as identify the optimal combination of channels and tactics that would enable them to meet their monthly, quarterly and annual conversion goals within a defined amount of spend.

With attribution now at the core of its budget allocation decision process, Sky Italia is working with Visual IQ on the next phase of its attribution program, including:

  • Automatically pushing attributed data directly into media buying execution platforms for near real-time optimization
  • Layering in first-party data from their CRM system to build customized audience targeting strategies
  • Linking multiple devices to a single user so that marketing performance and ROI can be measured across all platforms
  • Integrating online and offline data to support an omni-channel marketing strategy


Within 6 months of using Visual IQ’s cross channel marketing attribution software, Sky Italia was able to achieve its conversion and sales volume goals while reducing overall CPA by 15% and unlocking 20% of its existing budget for testing new channels and tactics.

“Visual IQ’s advanced cross channel attribution capabilities have helped us understand the efficacy of and interaction between marketing channels. Not only was the Visual IQ platform easily configured to match our organizational structure, marketing ecosystem and workflow, but we now have access to all the information we need to evaluate and inform new and existing marketing initiatives.”

Aldo Agostinelli, Digital Director, Sky Italia

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