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With Visual IQ, Windstream Generates a 45% Increase in Sales Volume

With Visual IQ, Windstream Generates a 45% Increase in Sales Volume

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Windstream, a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company, is a leading provider of advanced network communications. Working with its agency partner, The Media Kitchen (TMK), the company leverages a combination of branding and direct response marketing channels – including online display advertising (network and publisher direct), paid and organic search, mobile advertising, video, and direct site visits – to generate desktop and mobile sales of its broadband, phone and digital TV services.


Mobile has rapidly become the leading digital platform, with smartphones and tablets now accounting for nearly 70% of digital media time spent in the US. So, it was no surprise to TMK when they discovered that almost half of Windstream’s website traffic and conversions came from mobile devices. But understanding how their media investments impacted mobile traffic and conversions was a different story.

Previously, the agency relied on “last click” data to measure and optimize Windstream’s digital marketing campaigns. As a result, they weren’t able to accurately determine the true impact of each digital marketing channel or device on conversions, or how much each media partner was contributing to cost per sale. The last click data consistently placed too much emphasis on lower-funnel tactics, such as branded search, leading to over-spending at the bottom of the funnel, and under-spending on channels and tactics that influence customers at the top of the funnel.

Moreover, without the ability to connect marketing touchpoints across channels and devices, TMK wasn’t able to understand how various desktop buys were contributing to mobile conversions, or how to best allocate spend across desktop, smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices to optimize performance. The agency turned to Visual IQ for a better understanding of true media impact across all channels and devices.


More effectively allocate media dollars across channels and devices to achieve the most efficient cost per sale while increasing year-over-year online sales growth.


Working with Visual IQ, TMK began by consolidating and integrating all of Windstream’s digital performance data into Visual IQ’s Marketing Intelligence Platform, which enabled the agency to discover the tactics that were most effective at driving conversions and predict the optimal combination of tactics for future marketing efforts. Leveraging the platform’s Tapad Cross-Device Adapter to map unique users across their disparate devices, TMK was able to eliminate blind spots for a better understanding how various devices within the consumer journey impact conversions. With this unparalleled, comprehensive view of cross-device and cross-platform performance, TMK was able to:

  • Understand the true impact of each channel, tactic, device, and media partner on conversions, and make more informed budget allocations and optimization decisions as a result
  • Build confidence in their mobile optimization efforts based on a clear understanding of partner performance and their contribution to conversions
  • Gain insight into the true value of Windstream’s upper-funnel activities, their impact on lower-funnel success, and the sequence of touchpoints that offered the highest probability to convert more customers
  • Continuously explore future marketing spend scenarios and test combinations of channels, devices and tactics geared toward driving sales volume and achieving the most efficient cost per sale

Moreover, as a result of the significant savings and efficiencies generated for Windstream through the use of Visual IQ’s platform, TMK was able to reallocate media dollars to support new branding initiatives for Windstream, without exceeding their fixed annual budget.


Upon implementing Visual IQ’s platform, TMK was able to make changes to Windstream’s digital campaigns that produced a 31% decrease in cost per sale and a 45% increase in sales volume. Mobile display and paid search optimizations also produced significant performance improvements, including:

  • A 70% increase in conversions and a 48% decrease in cost per acquisition through changes to mobile display advertising
  • A 28% increase in conversions and a 15% decrease in cost per acquisition due to changes to paid search campaigns

“At Windstream, we needed a technology that could provide us with greater visibility into our marketing and media effectiveness across all channels and devices, so we could grow our dot-com sales while driving down cost per sale. The actionable insights provided by Visual IQ not only enabled us to better allocate our media budget for a measureable impact on sales, but also gave us the confidence to allocate funds to new branding and marketing initiatives.”

Debbie Tarvin, Media Manager, Windstream

“Visual IQ’s robust multi-touch attribution capabilities give us a precise understanding of cross-channel and cross-device marketing impact so we can optimize spend and invest dollars in those tactics that are most effective in driving desktop and mobile sales. With the help of Visual IQ’s experienced attribution experts, we’ve been able to achieve our client’s sales goals while keeping efficiencies in mind.”

Bruce Harwood, Associate Director, The Media Kitchen

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