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Visual IQ Boosts Marketing and Advertising Efficiency, Drives More Subscribers for NOW TV

Visual IQ Boosts Marketing and Advertising Efficiency, Drives More Subscribers for NOW TV

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​Launched in 2012, NOW TV is an online streaming service that enables users to watch the latest movies, TV shows and live sport. As a young company focused on accelerated growth, NOW TV leverages a number of digital marketing and advertising channels, including online display, paid search, paid social, affiliates and retargeting to drive subscriptions of its TV streaming service packages.


Previously, marketers at NOW TV used a last-click measurement model to guide their digital media and marketing investments. Since this approach only gives credit to the last touchpoint prior to conversion, they suspected their online display ads and other upper-funnel tactics were being undervalued. They sought a more intelligent way to evaluate the true effectiveness of each channel and tactic along the consumer journey, and how they work together to drive conversions. More specifically, they wanted to identify which granular-level components of their online campaigns were the most productive drivers of subscriptions, which were the least productive, and how to best reallocate spend across touchpoints to maximize performance.


Drive business performance by determining the value of each channel and tactic in driving subscriptions, allowing for reallocation of budget to the best-performing areas.


Visual IQ’s team of experienced experts provided the end-to-end support NOW TV needed to replace its outdated last-click measurement model with a sophisticated marketing intelligence platform. Leveraging Visual IQ’s multi-touch attribution (MTA) capabilities to analyze consumer behavior across channels and devices, effectively measure marketing and media performance, and test combinations of channels and tactics, NOW TV was able to:

  • Obtain a Holistic View of Performance. For the first time, NOW TV is able to analyze performance across all of its digital channels and tactics in a single platform. This holistic view not only eliminated duplicate conversions across channels, but also brought new visibility into the true reach of NOW TV’s digital marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Optimize Inter-Channel Allocations. From the outset, NOW TV recognized that much of the consumer journey is unmeasured using a last-click approach. With a far more accurate and holistic view of the customer journey (including converting and nonconverting paths), the company was able to understand the true value of each touchpoint, and use this insight to make informed media and marketing investment decisions across all of its digital channels.
  • Optimize Intra-Channel Allocations. In addition to optimizing spend across channels, NOW TV is also able to leverage the platform’s daily attributed insights and granular-level recommendations to optimize spend within channels. For instance, by identifying highand low-performing publishers and placements within the display channel and redistributing investments accordingly, the company was able to increase conversions and improve display efficiency by 20%.
  • Implement frequency caps to minimize waste. Leveraging frequency tools within the platform, NOW TV is able to implement and adjust its caps on a regular basis to minimize impression waste. To date, MTA-informed frequency caps have generated approximately £20K in savings for NOW TV per month, and more than £240K in savings over the course of one year.


Using Visual IQ’s platform to measure and optimize its digital spend, NOW TV was able to realize a 20% increase in marketing efficiency within the first 8 months of their engagement. The £136,000 in savings generated by the platform was reinvested into NOW TVs core media plan, where it drove an additional 6,100 new subscribers.

Hungry to boost brand awareness to support the company’s ambitious growth goals, NOW TV is currently expanding its use of the Visual IQ platform beyond direct response to measure and optimize the impact of its media and marketing on brand engagement.

“We were impressed by how smooth and well managed the implementation process was. As a company with ambitious growth goals, we needed a marketing intelligence solution that could support our long-term business strategy, as well as our short-term needs. Not only was the Visual IQ platform able to accommodate our unique business requirements, but we were able to leverage its inter- and intra-channel insights and recommendations to improve our marketing efficiency by 20% within just eight months.”

Jenna Pain, Digital Marketing Controller (Acquisition), NOW TV

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