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9 Things Your Marketing Mix Vendor May Not Be Telling You

9 Things Your Marketing Mix Vendor May Not Be Telling You

Marketing Mix Modeling


Find out how to choose the right marketing mix vendor for your business.

Choosing the right marketing mix vendor can have a huge impact on your overall marketing effectiveness and business growth.

However, not all marketing mix models (or vendors) are created equal. Data granularity, input source, project team, and deliverable type can influence the accuracy and actionability of your results.

Sadly, some marketers don’t realize how important these things are — or which questions they should ask — until the project is underway and it’s too late.

Download our ebrief to learn:

  • Most important factors when selecting a marketing mix modeling vendor
  • Why these critical factors can affect the overall success of a marketing mix analysis
  • Nine questions you should ask and what your vendor might not be telling you
  • How to get the insights you need to drive revenue

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